Lindsey Graham on possible government shutdown: "We should all be kicked out if that happens"


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If that “we” refers to GOP Congresspeople*, a government shutdown would be worth it.

[* “principled” ones like Graham included]


Lindsay Graham is my favorite of all the GOP crooks.
Too bad he can’t come out of the closet and still get elected.


Subtext: The Washington Post just reported that it was John Kelly, Chief Adult Daycare Supervisor, who soured Trump on the immigration deal (along with Stephen Miller).


Either/or, just GTFO.


Just the latest demonstration of 45’s lack of object permanance.


Either his trip just peaked or he’s seeing his sled in the snow.

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Obviously a shutdown is bad, and in this context it’s also stupid, and rooting for it would be counterproductive.

That having been said.

Oh please oh please oh please…


He’s still a lying sack of shit. He talks real nice and then votes the party line. Need I remind you what that party line is? Didn’t think so.


Since you didn’t,

"Government BAD, shutdown GOOD!


Fuck the Republicans. They have shut down the government to act like babies and harm the American citizenry how many times? I have no desire for high ground here. Not when they have reached into the lowest depths.


Speaking of children they are playing that card now:



Unfortunately, it makes no difference which party is in power. It is just sad to watch the Dems think that if you hate the Yankees, you are going to automatically root for the Red Socks. Meanwhile fewer and fewer care a bit about the game.


“Dems need to do better” does not mean “both parties are equally bad and harmful.” That attitude is exactly how we ended up with a fascist in the White House.




There’s a certain type who’s so ignorant about why we’re stuck with a duopoly and who’s so invested in his self-image as a gadfly “independent” that he could be relied upon to brag about voting for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or not voting at all even as he was being marched into a labour camp.


I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be to have to negotiate with this president.


I think that’s the real secret to his “Aht ah duh Deal”: he wears you down with idiotic blathering and bragging until you agree to his terms just to get him to shut his puckered trap and go away.


LOL well, that’s kind of like comparing, I dunno, piles of dog vomit, and picking the best!