Lionsgate confirms that a John Wick video game is on the way

Originally published at: Lionsgate confirms that a John Wick video game is on the way | Boing Boing

Cash cow.


The lead character is nicknamed after a Russian grandmother, but apparently his house doesn’t have chicken feet.


That last movie was nothing but a lame version of a game.

Milking it.

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I liked the first one.

I’ve checked out the sequels, but I always bail after a particularly ridiculous unrealistic scene. Made it almost all the way though the second one.

Third one I lasted until the stealth gunfight with silencers in an oblivious crowd scene (please).

New one I bailed after the first scene where he’s in a desert for no reason wearing that suit.

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Excited for next gen dog interaction mechanics!

“basically it’s one long action sequence, did you see any of the Matrix films? Yeah. Same dude stars in them, basically it’s the Matrix minus all the reality-warping stuff and the bits where you’re squirming in your seat watching someone explain the world’s backstory in excruciating detail. There’s a bunch of bullshit about this hidden world of high-powered assassins that was fine as an excuse to carry one two-hour long action sequence but they start digging into that more and more as they made three more of them and it gets kinda tedious. Really we should sit down and watch Mad Max: Fury Road first, that’s an epic action sequence that’s mostly physical stunts, it’s fucking amazing.”

that said yeah my reaction to the original John Wick was “I feel like I’m watching a TAS of some generic mafia game, I want a kill chain counter on the bottom of the screen.”

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