Liquid glitter-filled iPhone cases recalled because of chemical burns


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quality control? whatever not like we will be using this company name for our next product anyway.


Chemical burns? What kind of a liquid did they put in there and why wasn’t water or oil not good enough??


In China, toxic waste is just another ingredient you can put in things you plan to sell.

Just like America in the 50’s before all those goshdurn government regulations got in the way.


Job killing regulations! What are a few chemical burns when there’s profit to be made? {sigh}


Make America great again! Toxic waste is good for you! Feeding it to your children helps build strong American values and it makes your home clean and bright!

Of course, that’s been the status quo for poor people and brown people living next to polluters for the past 50 years.


Clever toxic waste “disposal” scheme they’ve got there: just repackage and sell it!


You’d think Apple customers would be more accustomed to getting burned…


I like the cut of your jib! Keep this up, and you’ll make middle management in no time! You’re heading straight to the top, kid!


I take it that someone decided to apply their glitter-strewn preschool art experience to disposing of transformer oil?

(Edit: snark aside, while the PCB-licious goodness of secondary market transformer oil would be a very unpleasant surprise, it would probably not cause these sorts of fairly quick, dramatic, chemical burns. Exposure is a lousy plan; but most of the effects are medium term or longer. Honestly makes you wonder what the hell they were using: nasty antimicrobial or thickener in water?)


Do not taunt Happy Fun Phone Case.


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