What happens when you boil an iPhone in melted crayons?


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@frauenfelder blank title here and on the main site. also there are better ways to get a protective shell for your cell phone.


Late stage capitalism.



Around 4:30 into it: “What do you do if you have a… a pan… that’s on fire… that’s burning your hand, and you’re inside of a kitchen? I’m not sure, guys.”

Waving it around the kitchen and filming it is not the first solution that came to my mind.


Hey, I’ve got an iPhone 6. I think boiling it in melted crayons might actually improve its performance.

It sure couldn’t hurt.


So you melt wax and then turn the heat up to boil, and throw in things of a non-wax nature, and you don’t have a fire extinguisher handy or a working smoke detector. And you don’t know the most basic solution, which is put the lid on the pan.

Darwin Awards, here we come!


Yeah I was wanting to shout dude just cover it with a wet rag or the lid.


Fire extinguisher of the right class - a water one could just make it worse. Burning oil or molten wax is class K (US) or class F (Europe). Water mist can help. Removal of oxygen is the primary way. So the lid would work.

A smoke detector would be of exactly no help here, only would add beeping into the existing situation where you already know you got a fire.


The original of this is frustratingly elusive. Perhaps it was deleted? (It’s almost certainly HowToBasic, but I can’t seem to find it there.)
Ahh, found it. Freakin’ thumbnail is misleading. So satisfying, though.


Good point. I LOL’d.


Gee, up until now I thought flammable oils were still Class B.

Is Class F/K a new thing? I recall nothing of the sort during the last time I had fire training, but that was a long time ago.


He was surprised when it caught on fire.

No shit, Sherlock


Apple kbase 99223 - “Do not boil iPhone in wax”


I actually watched the video to see exactly what happened, and I think the only possible comment, other than “late stage capitalism”, is
“What a moron.”

I don’t know what protective gear he was wearing, but lithium oxide smoke probably doesn’t do your skin or your lungs any good. And anybody who doesn’t understand the warnings about not exposing lithium batteries to heat or fire really seems to be trying for a Darwin Award.


Being high functioning homeless and so grateful for my iPhone 6, it’s like watching that tomato fight they do in Spain from a television store in Ethiopia…


No idea, I had not heard of those before but the wikipedia article linked says it is for cooking stuff and could be considered a subset of the b or c with special considerations. I assume that means K is for Kitchen and there are not some secret F,G,H,I,J fire classes.


What happens when you boil an iPhone in melted crayons?

I dunno. Jesus kills a kitten, maybe?


What? Something which has a major component made up of lithium surrounded by hydrocarbons caught fire when heated? Say it ain’t so!


Actually, it would hinder because I know my first thought would be, like, “I got to shut that damn thing off so I can think!”