Don't drop your phone into hot lava


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Don't drop your phone into hot lava
Is that another computer-generated idiom?


This advice can be more broadly generalized to “Don’t be anywhere near lava.”


Who would be dumb enough to attempt to regain a phone that had been dropped into hot lava?


I’m betting that’s not covered by the warranty.


drop your phone into hot lava

There’s a euphemism I haven’t heard before.


If you ever drop your keys into a river of molten lava, let 'em go. Because man, they’re gone.

–Jack Handey


There’s even a little sticker inside that changes color when it’s been exposed to magma so the Genius knows that the source of the damage isn’t covered under Applecare.


Only if the people at the Apple Store are feeling especially magmanimous.


Also: try not to drop your phone onto cold lava. It’s hard and tends to scratch up the screen.


Was Joe Banks trying to take another selfie?


“A phone in lava runs no apps.”

Whoever stuck it in there on purpose to begin with - I’m assuming that’s what happened, given how it was wedged in there.


Droppin’ yer phone in hot lava: that’s a paddlin’


Brain cloud. That’s all I’ve got to say.


I knew it.


dude it’s molten rock.

If you MUST have the phone,a more solid, less flammable lever than a wooden stick should be used to try and pry the lava off it.


Well, there’s an app for that



#“Don’t drop your phone into hot lava”



Lava is so dense it “swallows” stuff in an almost malevolent way.

And it’s really cool to watch it flow over stuff like grass, causing bubbles of gas to develop within the mass that exit as these neat little explosive jets of searing hot stuff right out of the otherwise placid surface.