LISTEN: Godless in Missouri


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I wonder why Liberal, Missouri isn’t in the list?

Seems like only the Georgists have any staying power…


It seems that overall the atheists in 1800s Missouri had a much better time of it than the Mormons did a few decades before them.


Religion aside, churches provide a source of community and socialization. Sure, there are lots of alternatives. But in the 1800’s, not as many. Take away the saloons too and you’ve got a anarchy!


I haven’t listened to the episode yet (as I’m at work), but I wondered about that. I don’t drink, but I don’t get eliminating saloons, especially once you’ve eliminated churches.


To be fair, the Atheists didn’t put their leader up for a presidential run. The Mormons were a lot more obnoxious in many ways.


Yeah, I’m at work too. Can’t listen to podcasts, but I’m still happy to spout off nonsense based on the summary.


Given my podcast backlog, it’ll be weeks before I get around to listening to this, but yeah, I wanted to comment too.


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