Video of House stenographer getting yanked from floor after outburst, as lawmakers vote to end shutdown


I suspect that the backstory is as banal and tragic as the forestory is weird.

Even…‘unorthodox historians’ don’t do that sort of thing out of the blue, totally out of context, unless they’ve been having a seriously bad day of late.


“Freemasons wrote the Constitution”

Apparently about a third of the Framers, including Washington and Franklin, were indeed Freemasons. This isn’t exactly recent news.

As for not being one nation under God, we are indeed not a theocracy, regardless of what the latest version of the Pledge (based on pressure from a different fraternal organization, the Knights of Columbus) might suggest.

I suppose the House stenographer is a Know-Nothing.


She may have had a point, but I have no idea what it was. Sadly, she’s inaudible in the CSPAN video. Faux News might report her ranting about Freemasons, but they report a lot of things, don’t they? I expect her rant was totally daffy, but it sure would be nice to know.

EDIT: Oh nice - clear audio! Pity her rant wasn’t more original. I actually agree with everything she said; except I think secular government is a good thing, and exactly what the Deist, Masonic framers had in mind.


I wonder whether the lady who drove her car into the White House had anything to say…

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House phrenologist calls a committee to investigate…


out of the blue, totally out of context.

Seek ye understanding that this was not out of context-- today’s vote is but another herald that we are in the end times, when all that has been covered will be laid bare.


Yes, the government shutdown story simply did not have enough Freemasons in it. I’m glad that they fixed that.


I’ll take Freemasons over back-country know-nothings any day.

Conservative sectarians are correct: The values and institutions and innovations of the Enlightenment are their enemy.


The same ones who warned about party politics and partisanship being able to destroy a democracy. /completeandtotalagree


Freedom of religion and freedom of speech come into play here, but I’m not sure how.

Better she had a microphone than a gun.


Oh come on fundamentalist troll. That’s all you got? Kick it up a notch dude.

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., banged the gavel to
restore order several times, but did not deter Reidy, who screamed
“You cannot serve two masters” as she was removed from the floor.

It always amazes me how many fanatical Christians lack even the most basic understanding of the Bible. You don’t have to be a Biblical scholar or researcher to understand the familiar phrase “Render Unto Caesar”. Heck, you don’t even have to be religious.

13 And they sent unto Him certain of the Pharisees and of the
Herodians to catch Him in His words.

14 And when they had come, they said unto Him, “Master, we know that
thou art true and carest for no man; for thou regardest not the person
of men, but teachest the way of God in truth. Is it lawful to give
tribute to Caesar, or not?

15 Shall we give, or shall we not give?” But He, knowing their
hypocrisy, said unto them, “Why tempt ye Me? Bring Me a penny, that I
may see it.”

16 And they brought it, and He said unto them, “Whose image and
superscription is this?” And they said unto Him, “Caesar’s.”

17 And Jesus answering, said unto them, “Render to Caesar the things
that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” And they
marveled at Him.

Mark 12:13-17 (21st Century King James Version)


Man… If that guy’s point was in earnest I’m having REAL trouble differentiating from sarcastic exaggerations of looney people and looney people themselves these days.


Has the Hellmouth moved from Sunnydale? First the postpartum mom with the car, then the guy who set himself alight on the Mall, now this lady (who I assume was thoroughly vetted up her bottom and out again to be able to work on the House floor) shouting about FREEMASONS?! I can chalk up the whole government shutdown to asshole politicians doing their usual thing, but this is just plain freaky.


Somewhere in the universe, Robert Anton Wilson is having a huge belly laugh, the kind where you’re incapacitated because you can’t breathe from the laughter. I kept thinking the whole debacle couldn’t get any crazier, and then someone out-of-the-blue turns the crazy knob up to 11.

This is simply the perfect capstone to the past three weeks. Simply unbelievable, and yet I can’t imagine it ending any other way.


I find lots of transcriptions, but I can’t find actual clear audio. Any chance of a link please?

Hmm. They might want to double-check her recent transcripts.


Audio link is in the Fox News article half way down.