NY Daily News cover on US government shutdown is the front page art to beat




This photo very accurately represents my feelings towards the GOP right now.


Leave the government shut down. It’s too late to save Washington from the pervasive cancer of greed and self-interest. Leave it shut down and let the states take charge and work it out for themselves. Things like plane travel might be a little sketchy for a while until things get sorted out but Americans are great at working through difficult situations-- unless, of course, we’re talking about politicians in Washington.


Leave the government shut down.

You really think that’s going to hurt anyone but the poor and (shrinking) middle class? The corporatists will figure out slimy ways to profit-take on this situation while everyone else suffers.


As long as Massachusetts and Oregon get the carrier groups, I’m OK with that.


Already tried, didn’t work, takes about 2 seconds of following that thought exercise through to see why a Federal government is definitely neccessary ->



Agreed, but I’d expand it to “politicians”


Plot twist: they’ll be handed over to Colorado and Wyoming.


That’s a collectible cover right there - goes down with Nixon Resigns and Titanic Sinks as one of the headlines we’ll remember for years to come. Also, it’s kinda a combination of those two…


I agree. The entire strategy of the House Republicans is to do anything they can to prevent the poor and middle-class from getting help. My honest feeling is that it’s too late for American government. For about three months after Obama was elected it felt like things could be changed but we’ve learned that they cannot and that it will always be big business as usual in Washington.


My honest feeling is that it’s too late for American government.

Nah, humanity and America has been through much worse than this clusterfuck. We’ll get through it. And, who knows? In the long run, these kinds of gross displays of government ineptitude might work in our favor. It’s uniting many Americans from different walks of life in realizing it’s time to send these bums in Congress, etc. packing. I certainly wish it didn’t have to get this shitty and destructive first, but I guess that’s what it takes for some people to finally get motivated.

For about three months after Obama was elected it felt like things could be changed

I wasn’t so sure. The American public failed at strategy very badly. Without removing the Republican fillibuster from the equation, it allowed the Democrats to continue to blame Republicans for obstructionism instead of taking all of the responsibility for inaction (and/or failure) themselves. It’s worked out very nicely for the corporatists and I’m sure they’re hoping and praying all this leads to further false equivalency mistakes and the continued, destructive ping-pong effect that the American public has been stupidly locked into for decades.

My hope is the American public finally learns from this and finally (FINALLY!) votes out enough Republicans to thwart their obstructionism. That way we can finally put the Democrats’ feet to the fire and put all blame (or credit) squarely on their shoulders. This will either result in them working for average Americans for fear of a permanent loss of power or blowing it and ushering in a third party from an angry populace. Obama and the other Democrats are blowing it, but they can still blame the Republicans. We need to remove that part of the equation in the next elections. The American public needs to finally put the same emphasis on mid-term elections as they do on presidential elections.

If that doesn’t work, then we’re fucked. :wink:


Ah, but some states have “houses of dingleberries” (Kansas, for one) that are just as bad as the “house of turds”. There’s no working through that mess without a severe drain snaking.


One of many problems with that is that they kept all the shitty parts. The DEA and NSA are still at work, as are all the people who just passed this legislation.


I know of NYDN from seeing some of their headlines getting pulled in by Android’s stock News & Weather app (BTW: Is my app the only one that grabs month-old headlines ONLY for the “world” section, and when refreshed, pulls even older material than that??). Generally speaking, I avoid their stuff because it’s commonly useless gossip-news…but this? I gotta say, well done, NYDN. Well done.


Ya, but the title is unfair to turds…


What you are proposing is essentially what happens in the book “Snowcrash” by Neal Stephenson. What happens there is that without the Fed, corporations have even more free reign over states and burbs. At least in washington they still have to lobby, and if a President (like our current president) has it as a priority to severely limit the influence of SIGs on the way things run in the government, then you have a much more manageable situation.


I’m surprised that I haven’t seen this here:


Their cover from the last shutdown hit harder IMO: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Nydailynews_newt.jpg


On a related note, I think it’s no coincidence that many, if not most, criminal case judges are Republican.


That cover is an excellent example of awesomeness.