Listen: Miley Cyrus covers Hole's "Doll Parts"

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That was really good. I love where she has gone with her music. Her bit in Black Mirror ending with Head Like a Hole was awesome


Anybody else getting a 7marry3 vibe from this?

This one and her backyard cover of Jolene are my favorites so far.

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That was great; she’s really got something going on. Her band is hella tight, too. There’s not much fancy playin’ this song, but they manage to be both expressive and precise at the same time.


Upon further reflection: it’s interesting to see somebody developing creatively so publicly. I listened to a few other of her recent covers, and am getting the picture of a really awesome tribute band. She is really executing these wonderfully, but not actually adding any new insight to the material. I’m excited to hear what she does next, but this does seem transitional. I’m curious to hear who she is after this process.


What fascinates me about this performance is that it is so faithful in execution, but I get a very different emotional vibe from it. Courtney’s delivery in Hole’s version always struck me as a sort of mocking parody of vulnerability covering up something like spite, while Miley’s (after 1.5 listens) scans to me more as mournful acceptance.

Courtney’s taunting. Miley’s just saying it like it is. And they each fill me with a 90’s-appropriate beautiful regret, but for different reasons. Cool beans.

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The entire interview is good. She talks about a wide range of artists and performs her song that she did with Dua Lipa and Howard plays clips of about a dozen of her other covers.

Apparently her main band trio has been with her since she was 15. Her guitarist is the son of Carl Bernstein and Nora Ephron. The son talks about how Carl gave the DC concert by Led Zepplin a bad review and wanted to be a music critic before being assigned to the Watergate break in one night. Another band member is in Janes Addiction and revealed Perry Ferrell just had the same vocal cord surgery that Miley had last year.

She’s wearing a Wendy O. Williams shirt. You’re probably not worthy.

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