Miley Cyrus is recording an album of Metallica covers

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My relationship to Miley’s work:

  1. Teen music star: not my thing
  2. Early adult music star: she’s really… ummm… phew, trying stuff I guess
  3. Adult music star: man… give me some more of this

Seriously, I dig what she’s doing these days and love the way her voice works with the rock asthetic she’s moving into. I don’t really care about Metallica tunes, but some of her other recent covers have been fantastic. I hope she keeps finding new paths forward.


Who knows, maybe it will work. Sometimes these things surprise me.

One things for sure, the production will be better than the mud pit that is St. Anger.


this has been done before.


Add this to the list of “Things the world really doesn’t need”.


Depends. If the next headline is ‘Miley Cyrus joins GWAR’ I’d be moderately amused.


While I like some of Cyrus’ work, I prefer Bif Naked’s cover of Nothing Else Matters:


I don’t want to dismiss her effort on it outright, some of it might end up being decent or even good. And i appreciate her interest in producing Metallica covers, but i just have no desire to listen to it. Good luck to her i guess? The best outcome is that it’s just ok, and worst is that she embarrasses herself which totally works for me.

Can’t imagine this could be more embarrassing than Metallica covering a Prince song in Minneapolis not long after His Royal Badness’ death.

She’s got some tough competition. Gaga level.

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Metallica has done a lot to embarrass themselves since the Napster days. Can’t say i hold the band itself in high esteem but i still have some level of appreciation for their early music. And yeah their cover of that Prince song was really terrible.


I hope she covers “Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth)”


(wink wink)

I saw her cover Temple of the Dog’s ‘Say Hello 2 Heaven’ at the Chris Cornell tribute last year - she did it justice and she does wail

Think she could have found more interesting rock material than Metallica covers to be honest.

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I agree, even if she can cover them well it’s pretty cliche in and ofitself, and i don’t know what she’d be able to do what others have done better. Everyone has covered the band. Apocalyptica is up there for me but another fave is Rodrigo y Gabriela, their guitar skills are wonderful and their original work is also phenomenal

I understand where you’re coming from, but I think she’s going with Metallica because they’re a heavy rock band who’re known to a lot of people who don’t know much about heavy rock; if she did an album of Tool covers, which I must admit I’d love to hear, it probably wouldn’t get the same attention.
I hadn’t heard her Glastonbury set, I’m rather impressed with how she carried it off, I might investigate the album, because I’d not heard anything of hers that really interested me.

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The first time I took MIley Cyrus seriously as a musician was her cover of Jolene way back in 2012.

I probably won’t seek out the album when it’s released but neither she nor the project should be dismissed out of hand.

I’ve been pretty pro- Miley doing whatever the hell she wants, but the cover of nothing else matters was absolutely horrendous. The cigarettes and whiskey growl works, but the residual country lilt makes it sound like the clown version of the song (and not a Puddles Pity Party good operatic version). Too “poppy” for my tastes. Your mileage may vary.

I’d love to hear David Draiman growl his way through it though. That Bif Naked version captured the melancholy of the original well as well.

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