Listen to a group of panicked folks call the police on a gentle whale near their boat


If all the lifeforms on Earth had a family reunion potluck, humans would be the ones who didn’t bring a dish to share but walked away with overloaded plates, which they only ate half of and left lying in the grass.

They’d also start the brawl that gets the whole thing shutdown early by the park rangers.

This has nothing specifically to do with whales.


I weep for the future.


It does depend on the boat of course. I friend of mine was out with a group on sea kayaks. A pod of whales surfaced nearby, so the kayakers quietly got out of the area. Whales can be dangerous. Obviously calling the police will not do as much good as plotting a straight line out of the area.


All that is true. I’m not disagreeing. I’m just trying to say, if you’re in this situation and afraid, calling someone more qualified should not be the thing you get mocked for.


Once again:



Maybe you need more predators in your neck of the woods. Eco-balance. Nature knows what to do. Humans just come along and fuck it all up.


What you say is very true. I thought your original statement was that you can’t vote, for one reason or another. I’m hoping that is not the case. Every citizen should be welcomed to vote.


Good point, but then she says “I’m out on Puget Sound”, which doesn’t really narrow down their position much.


I explained that above. We don’t really have that thing called “land” in my neck of the woods. We just don’t have enough appropriate habitat to sustain a population of wolves large enough to impact the deer. And its questionable whether we could even have a healthy breeding population.

I don’t think anyone should be in favor of 2 headed inbred wolves that either starve or eat your dog come winter.

Reintroduction of predators isn’t considered practical here. Unless there’s some sort of amphibeous bear we can import.



Oh, I can’t vote anywhere.

Not a citizen of the US, although I’ve lived here for 30 years. Country I am a citizen of won’t let me vote because I don’t live there. I meant to apply for citizenship in the Obama years but the cost and heartburn of dealing with USCIT put me off. I’m sure you can understand why I don’t deal with it now. Fortunately my green card runs till after Trump’s term ends. And if he gets re-elected or a similar fascist takes his place I’ll be looking very hard at other options anyway


Yeah they’re already depriving people of their greencards and moving to revoke citizenship from long time naturalised citizens on whatever grounds they can find. Either pick that citizenship up or run away. Because the way its going there’s a half way decent chance you won’t have that choice too much longer.


If they were concerned with large aquatic mammals capsizing their boat, why go out in a boat in the first place on the ocean? If you’re worried about bear attacks, why go where bears live?


Because they want to experience Nature the way the people on TV do and humble brag to their loser friends on Facebook about it.


Then continues with GPS coordinates though :stuck_out_tongue:


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