Listen to the first audio recording of the word "Fuck"


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Where was the fuck? I didn’t get it. The recording gave no fucks. I’m confused.


I fucking didn’t hear a fucking fuck either. I heard the sound squeal but didn’t hear the word fuck.

If it was purple and blue, you will hear the fuck. If it was white and gold, no fuck.


Are we sure they were actually saying ‘fuck’ and not ‘suck’, with an incorrectly-placed medial s?

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He says, “Flock”; the rhyme is Mary Had A Little Lamb :wink:

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I think it’s at :22

I suggest they try marking the perimeter of the glass with a green highlight pen. That should spruce up the audio nicely.


Hehe. Wonder when all the other swears were recorded. Which makes me wonder, when were all the words first recorded? Like, all of them. Are there words which exist which have not yet been recorded? Are there recordings of words that do not yet exist?


Then there was the famous wax cylinder recording “Fuh-shit!” incident.


Fuck that noise.

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Maybe it was the beginning of the first ever recording of “For crying out loud”?

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People said “fudge” sometimes, back then.

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