Listen to this metal-themed cover of Blue Monday

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Maybe shoulda held off on posting until… Monday? (j/k)

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I didn’t expect to enjoy it either, but I did.


That’s the first time I’ve ever been even vaguely pleasantly surprised by any of Leo Moracchioli’s covers.

(And ‘pleasantly’ is perhaps slightly stretching it there, but I haven’t had such a non-negative reaction to a cover by him before, as far as I can recall.)


What about Nu-metal?


This is pretty much the version i know best, though it’s been yeaaaars that i’ve heard the cover.


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It is :grin:


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Il mio insegnante di italiano ci ha dato il compito di scegliere una canzone italiana da far cantare alla classe.

Sto usando questo.

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I know the song mostly from the 1977 Howard Carpendale version in my youth. But I do like this version.

I vaguely remember that, as well as the original. I’ve been living in Bavaria since 1990* and am now finally getting around to learning more of the language used south of the Alps. Insert plug for Rosetta Stone and for the local VHS for offering evening classes in Italian from a real Roman.

*I’ve been here since 1988, but the first two years were as a soldier and not really in Germany.

I’m on the same boat out in the harbour with you on this one.
This was the Blue Monday I know… including their Blue Monday album of variations…

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There were a bunch of other covers mentioned in the New British Canon video on Blue Monday the other week:

And if you like questionable New Order covers, they don’t come any more dreadful than this:

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IMO, that opening snare sound could use some help.

My go to cover of Blue Monday:


Pretty good version of the song. My favorite part is how, like the Orgy version before it (still my preferred version), it’s a reasonable length.

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