'Little Apple,' new viral hit from China's Chopstick Brothers




That got a bit dark in the middle. Candy -> Despair -> More candy.


What I don't really understand is why the skit at the start of the video was in poorly spoken Korean.
I have seen in Taiwanese dramas before a scene where two girls addicted to Korean dramas pretend to speak in Korean, but actually say nothing. I guess they just used it here for the plastic surgery connection?


Also, the army part looks more Korean than Chinese, another reference to Korean dramas?


The army was Korean. The clothes, houses, and especially the name tag is a giveaway. Why is this in the video? Not a clue.


It's just making fun of what's on Chinese television these days; lots of Korean dramas!


48,000 views = viral?


It's just a cute little love song about how much the guy loves this girl. I don't think it has anything to do with the video apart from the fact that he calls his love his 'little apple'.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d59boCs31uM Version with English Subs in the CC.


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