Live in your very own haunted mental asylum


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Cough 18 hole championship golf course Cough


Live in your very own haunted mental asylum

So… you were eavesdropping as my ex departed after our divorce?


150k square feet, for the cost of a 2 bedroom in silicon valley.

Detroit, Ladies and Gentlemen.


Oh wow I’d love to live there until I died! And maybe even a bit afterwards…


HA HA HA! I go to one every Monday morning!


Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my haunted mental asylum.


Awwww man! I’ve been thinking of buying vs. renting, but this is just too far to commute. What a disappointment. I don’t suppose it’s a mobile haunted mental asylum, is it?


You need a more inner city Haunted Mental Townhouse.


That would be awesome! Except that building can’t be haunted. Because, you know, spirits don’t actually exist and stuff. Darn that reality!


Well if it was haunted, the implications for Religion and Science would be huge.


Someone should turn it into a movie house with midnight screenings of Session 9. Not me, mind you, but someone.


Sure they do, it’s called breathing! You know, such as inspiration and expiration. Those are spirits.

You can even be haunted by the breath of others.


Perfect for the kids

Original fixtures


Worked here for over a decade as a supervisor

GIS Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center

And yes, it’s reported as haunted ( The rat-maze of tunnels are loads of fun )

I Trained here:

GIS Hudson River Psychiatric Center

Also haunted

Use Google maps to poke around these sites as they are huge.


Have you had a TB test recently?


“TB or not TB, that is the question…”


I’ve got to check this week’s TB Guide to see what’s on.


I’ve poked around there in person! (For some reason I hadn’t brought a camera, and it was before cellphones had them at all.)

I heard they’ve upgraded security since some nitwit (not me!) started a fire that burnt part of it down.


That sucks, it’s a beautiful building.