Live like Frank Sinatra in his Villa Maggio, now for sale

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I wonder if this is the same house depicted in the HBO Rat Pack docudrama?

Frank had a wing built specifically to house JFK and Jackie for a planned west coast visit. Frank and JFK were palsy and Frank’s “union” connections delivered Chicago’s vote to Kennedy, and therefore the election. But due to that connection, Kennedy was advised to distance himself from Sinatra. Adding insult to injury, Kennedy ended up staying with Bing Crosby, Frank’s rival and a Republican to boot. In the show, when Frank (played by Ray Liotta) gets the news, he has a total meltdown and starts destroying the wing with his bare hands.

presumably, Frank had more than one crib, so maybe not this one. but anyway, it made for a good story.

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That tennis court is really a blight on the place. I guess an avid tennis player might disagree, but if I was plunking down that kind of money for that kind of scenic estate, I’d relandscape that court in a second.


I know, it’s much less attractive than my mansions.


The water in the pool counts towards most of the cost.


Send this to Cory Doctorow, I hear he’s looking for a place in the area.


Bob Hope’s Palm Springs house in on the market for about $50,000,000. The problem with a house in Palm Springs is that most owners wouldn’t actually be there most of the time.


That’s cheap! $4 million will get you a tear-down Vancouver special where I live.

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My house cost about a twentieth of that, and I have a great house by any reasonable standard: spacious, modern, solid construction. Is this house really TWENTY TIMES as awesome?

…yeah, probably.

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The place has the two things my tennis court is missing, an open-air bath and attached lodgings.


But does it get wifi?

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I’d ask for fiber optics or at least a reliable copper wire, from two different providers laid in two different paths.

The wifi part is the easy part.

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