Live! Watch William Shatner launch to space this morning

Watch massive asshole ride Bezos’ dick into space?


Are they bringing him back?




I notice that no red shirts came out of the capsule.


“Captain Kirk is headed to space this morning. William Shatner, 90,”
to boldly go where no old man has gone before…

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I agree - but even if he was to have some horrifying convulsion and die screaming on Jeff B’Stard’s dong-shaped status symbol, it would STILL be a more dignified exit than that given to him in Star Trek: Generations.

(Just to clarify, I’m not wishing anybody any harm, just an old, crappy fanboy who still has issues with an old, crappy film)


Excellent points. “PR stunt” doesn’t account for how much of this man’s actions are guided by ego and greed.

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Wow, a whopping 60 seconds or so above the Karman line = “Astronaut” . May as well give astronaut wings to Shatner’s intestinal parasites too.

By the way, there is one living Star Trek TNG crewmember who has legit been to space.


Wrong use of “4th world” - arguably not really a thing anyways.



I wonder if this is how other professions feel about their comrades. Kind of like doctors. If I was a neurosurgeon I think I’d call myself that, more so than just a doctor. Because there is a pretty big difference between cutting open a person’s skull and checking to see what causing the sniffles (although you rarely get an actual doctor for that now).

You mean, not a thing yet. If the uber rich create a giant space paradise floating above all the peasants still living on the hell that is Earth does everyone get a downgrade?

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Depends on the 90 year old man.

I don’t feel particularly bad about putting shatner at such risk.

Maybe if it was someone I cared about.

I’d love to see trump put through 6 Gs all day long. Maybe he’d die. That’d be pretty cool.

No. The ordinality of the “worlds” is outdated. Just call them “developing countries”.

If Elysium becomes a reality, I propose we just refer to them not as the new “First World”, but simply, “Those rich ass space fuckers”.


Like WoolyBugger posted, it was never a rank order kind of thing.

1st World - Capitalist (American sphere of influence)
2nd World - Communist (Soviet sphere of influence)
3rd World - Unaffiliated (Or those who opportunistically play both sides against each other)

Post cold war it is more about the 1% and 99%…


Why don’t they have live views from inside? It’s not that long of a flight.

I also liken these trips to the old hot air balloon rides at carnivals of county fairs, you go straight up and then straight down.

I’m sure we’ll get there but right now it’s just a glorified thrill ride. Get back to me when they orbit for a few days or have a destination.


Austin Powers Rocket GIF


One word: vomit.

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You mean kinda like space x just did?

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I hate, hate, hate this line of thinking. It’s sitting right alongside the idea that all research should have immediate obvious benefit or application, that the only endeavours worth exploring are ones with direct, tangible benefits, etc.

And this sentence here is why. The idea that the only space worth doing is “scientific” flies right in the face of the real, proven fact that Star Trek, a fictional, for-fun TV show, sparked the imaginations of untold numbers of future scientists, engineers, writers and the like to make the choices they did in life to bring this future to everyone.

Missions like Inspiration4 and seeing non-astronauts go to space will, without a doubt, inspire the next generation with the idea that, in their lifetimes, they, too, may be able to visit space. Or, you know, possibly do something that isn’t work-related for fun in their lifetimes, the same way my great-grandparents likely saw the introduction of flight to be the first time they could imagine one day that they, or their children, could explore the other side of the planet with ease.

If the only people that ever fly on these things are wealthy, then we have failed. If those wealthy passengers help to bring the prices down to where regular people can take these journies, then I am 100% for them using that wealth to make that a reality for others. In the same way that airline travel was the domain of only the wealthy for so long, and while it still remains out of the realm of possibility for many, It is far, far more accessible now than it was when the era of air travel began.


Can’t believe no one beat me to this