Live! Watch William Shatner launch to space this morning

that’s not what the word “unique” means

“Elon” is the correct title, not “Lord”.

Shatner isn’t a good-guy though; he only played one on TV.

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Well, I got to see some of the footage. Shatner seems to be genuinely in awe and appreciative of the experience. Maybe if he had a lot more time on Earth he might end up being a champion for something like environmental protection.

I love Shatner, why all the hate?

What’d I miss?

Well you see, he’s always refused to admit that the best thing about that show was the dude with pointy ears.

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He’s attacked people at conventions for body positivity (“come on, they’re fat!” in response to a discussion of the Full Body project Leonard Nimoy was working on). He’s sexist, suggesting a woman’s place is “in the fridge,” and that starship captains “don’t cry” in response to Kate Mulgrew stating she cried when Voyager’s run ended. He’s an old man who thinks these kinds of “jokes” are funny. He’s claimed misandry is as bad as misogyny, and well… he’s just generally a bit of a stuck in his ways dickhead, while claiming his not a sexist turd blossom. Not to mention all the times he just shit all over Star Trek fans. Props, though, he does NOT seem to be racist… he hates everyone equally who draws the spotlight from him. (Then again, I may have missed something on that… I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he has been).

However… I saw what he said both during the flight and after, saw his tears. I genuinely believe he was moved and humbled by the experience and how small our planet really is. Maybe the last few years of his life will be spent contemplating the good he could have done instead of the shit he gave out.




All of this, and more. The gentleman in question has a long history of being arrogant and treating others with disdain and hate. I witnessed it myself backstage at a convention, and heard more stories at a different con from an employee who he’d berated over airplane reservations. (When even seasoned professionals are eager to spill the tea, you know somebody’s a real pain in the ass.) And let’s not forget last year’s Twitter debacle, when he decided he was being “harassed” and “debased” for being described as a cis white man, claiming “cis is a slur.”

I’ll admit, the man knows how to put on a kind face in front of the camera, but there’s plenty of evidence that it’s an act, not who he is. With any luck, seeing the world from space has taught him a lesson in humility, but I doubt it will truly take. Let’s hope. :crossed_fingers:


I also love George Takei, probably more than Shatner.


Probably? Why the hesitation?

IRL, Shatner’s a shit, while Takei is practically a saint.


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