Living slow-motion in a regular-speed world




Does anyone know what the song in the background from about 2:05 to 2:36 is? It’s killer. But it’s not listed in the credits…


Jonathan Richman - Tandem Jump

start at about 0:41


Funny… I’ve been listening to a lot of Modern Lovers lately, but I haven’t heard this song before…

This song is listed in the credits, but I didn’t think it was this song.



What… how… wait, what?


It must be really tough to film the 4th Street bridge without getting another crew in the shot. How many times a week does it get used as a backdrop?


That moment when he realizes he can cross the street, priceless! So much emotion packed into such a short story! Amazing!


That is one very well done bit of soundtrack editing.

Reminds me of this moment in Rushmore; maybe an influence?


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