Music: "Wild Wild Life," Talking Heads (1986)


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The album should have had the original versions from the movie.

There’s a True Stories LP that has more songs, and movie cuts of the songs.

Probably the only vinyl I purchased in the last decade.

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I occasionally watch True Stories just to be sure I wasn’t imagining it.


Really??? What’s it called? I’m aware of Sounds from True Stories, credited to David Byrne, but that doesn’t have Pops Staples’ version of “Papa Legba” or John Goodman’s “People Like Us” among others.

Ah, Swoosie.

They were available as b-sides of the singles from the soundtrack. (upon further research, Papa Legba is actually on the iTunes Bonus Track version of the album; People Like Us [and Hey Now] original versions are B-sides.)

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Thanks, I’ll have to look those up.

I’ve always liked this movie and album. Definitely an under-rated gem.

“True Stories” is the first DVD I ever purchased.

I put together a “mix tape” (well, CD) using tracks from “True Stories” soundtrack, “Sounds from True Stories,” and another Talking Heads album. If I can find the single eselqueso mentioned, I’ll have to update it!

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around here, they have names for the various freeway drivers: the slingshot… the adventurer… the marshmallow… (Papa Legba) Like Us)

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And if you’re using android…

And then there’s amazon…

Oh, and then there’s this…


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