Liz Cheney speaks the truth in primary debate, but who is listening?

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I realize that the enemy of my enemy is my friend or whatever, but let’s also not forget -

Liz Cheney praised the Supreme Court for striking down Roe v. Wade, and hours later voted for a bipartisan gun safety bill.


She’s pissing in the wind.

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Nobody forgets that liz cheney is a super conservative. She is just literally the only conservative who draws the line at “overthrow of the government by an armed mob trying to install a fascist dictatorship” and is willing to risk her career to do it.

Which is something I don’t feel like I should have to be praising anyone for, yet here we are.


They don’t care about the truth, they care about sticking it to their enemies, who now account for more than half the US population, and about 90% of the globe.


Thankfully not the only one (though very nearly so). Rep Kinzinger is on the committee as well and IIRC, was the first to denounce the Big Lie and Jan 6th. There were also a small handful of R impeachment votes in the House and Senate, but they’ve all since gone pretty quiet about the matter.

ETA: It’s not lost on me that they’re all more than happy to see a woman take the lead and the heat. If only she were Black, too she’d be the platonic ideal of GQP sacrificial lamb.


I guess It’s true there are one or two more. But mostly even the “anti trump” republicans are just quietly tsking for the right camera. They aren’t willing to actually take any personal risks. You hear a lot of “inciting insurrection is bad and all, but isn’t the Jan 6 commission a bit political” or just outright silence.

Because a key ingredient of toxic masculinity is abject cowardice.


Nope. As per The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries:

  1. The enemy of my enemy is my enemy’s enemy. No more. No less.

Take advantage of the fact that she’s Trump enemy when that aligns with your goals (and so consider her a temporary ally) but know that her goals may not always align with hers and plan accordingly.


Good point. That’s really what sets Kinzinger and Cheney apart; they’re actually willing to stick their necks out. And they’re going to pay for it. Kinzinger’s already put in his notice and Cheney is likely to be primaried. I’d be willing to bet that everyone else except a few of the safest Senators (Romney, etc) would change their impeachment votes if they could.

Huh. I hadn’t thought of this til now, but Liz really has to make the hearings work to massively sway GQP opinion if she has any chance of holding her seat. It’s a freakin’ Hail Mary, for sure.

I just dont understand how her brain is arranged, because were she not preaching the truth vis a vis Trump, she’d be preaching falsehoods galore and going nuts calling out Democrats as Communist-Socialists.

The Brooks Brothers Riot was probably OK with her

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I absolutely agree with Cheney dismantling electoral fraud rhetoric but now the argument that the courts have overwhelmingly overturned these spurious allegations seems compromised.

The supreme court may have different findings on electoral fraud given the obvious conservative bias we have seen recently. The blind eye of justice has many lobbyists whispering in her ear.

This is an incredibly important point. They got away with stealing the presidency. Don’t think they won’t try again, and succeed again.

The wrong kind of Republican, who is coincidentally not related to me, must not be allowed to subvert democracy and establish a dictatorship

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