Lobot's fate is revealed in a deleted Empire Strikes Back scene

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What, i asks ya, is the point of having neural interface earmuffs (NIE) at all, if you then have to fish out of your pocket an electronic remote in order to raise the garage door??

anyway, yessss, we all are convinced that Lobot deserves at least his own three-part backstory and subsequent musical based upon, which reveals only in its third act what the “Lo-” part of the portmanteau is short for, (sorry, no spoilers).


Had it even crossed anyone’s mind that it wasn’t short for “lobotomy robot”?


Oh boy … never considered what would happen with that lobotomy tech if the warden had to flee. In a traditional prison the prisoners just die in their cells? Can lobot control himself with the remote? Can anyone now control lobot with the remote?

Yes, @theophrastus, a mini series is definitely needed. Act 1 opens with a ship descending into Mos Eisley where a palpatine clone is building a death star…

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Two factor authentication? :rofl:


There’s another ‘head-case’ from the Star Wars universe which is on-beyond lobotomy, which i always thought had gone one ick-level too far [link]:

The Decraniated were an order of servants produced by a fugitive surgeon Cornelius Evazan, initially for Dryden Vos. Several Decraniated served aboard Vos’s yacht First Light. Members of the Decraniated were also seen in Jedha City when the Partisans attacked an Imperial convoy, before the city was destroyed by the Death Star.


I was happy to think that Lobot had escaped and became a successful motivational speaker.


Lobot was always cool, just not Boba Fett level cool.


In Expanded Universe material he had a few good moments outside of Cloud City, like figuring out how to get inside a space tomb and giving Lando someone to play off of.

“Lobot, if you lose contact with me, take the ship out of here. Don’t come in after me.”
Lobot cocked a questioning eyebrow. “Do you really expect me to follow that order?”
“Well …,” Lando said, and the grin returned. “At least wait until I yell twice.”


That might be a bit much, but they could theoretically work him into season 2 of Andor. OOH! Wait! Maybe he’s already appeared. Maybe Syril Karn is actually Lobot.


He may have. All we know for sure is that what was presented in this scene didn’t happen. That’s why the had to cut it.

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Not until today. I’m quick that way.


Good. So, he may not only be a successful motivational speaker… but one who sells his own line of branded headgear.

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I assumed it was short for “Lando’s Robot”… or perhaps Landau’s?

I remember when I got his action figure. I as a little puzzles as I didn’t quite remember him in the movie, and I was asking my parents if he was a “good guy, or bad guy?”

They said he was a bad guy at first, but turned out to be a good guy. That was good enough for me.

Still, one of the drabbest original figures.

Now I want to know what Empire State would have been like if Martin Landau had a brain-computer interface.


As a kid (and much later) I never really got this guy was supposed to be a cyborg. I just thought he was Lando’s major domo and administered the city by basically cell phone calls to his headphones.


The animated series Star Wars Rebels has another character with this sort of implant in two episodes of the first season. It doesn’t get talked about on-screen outside of those, even though that show’s third season also had an episode with a character wearing one.

Ah, Lobot! His Star Wars action figure was only purchased as a gift by people who didn’t know what was cool about Star Wars, so it is an extra collectible!

Beeyotch, Pleeeeeeeze! :wink:

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