Logitech to sell spare parts through iFixit

Originally published at: Logitech to sell spare parts through iFixit | Boing Boing

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Will this include the microswitches on their trackballs that fail after like 18 months?


And cut off the revenue from keeping selling those trackballs? Are you crazy?! I really hate that I have to consider those things wear items but they’re otherwise good enough I do.

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Now all they need to do is open-source their software. I’ve always liked their mice and over 25 years I’ve only had a single mechanical failure, but their software has been craptacular, either buggy or just a pain in the ass to use.


Wonder if I’ll be able to get new switches for my mouse. They’re starting to get a little sticky sometimes, though at this point I should probably just get a new mouse. I’ve been using the same one since 2004…

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Good news, though Logitech mouses are so good that I wouldn’t have thought there would be that much demand.

The wheel stopped working on my ancient (2007) Logi mouse a little while ago, then started working again. By that time I’d decided to replace it anyway so have a shiny new MX Master and it’s great.

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I was able to fix my Logitech mouse’s wheel with parts from AliExpress. Took a month to ship from China, but it’s still an option.

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