Lollipops that look like "creature eyeballs"


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Vintage Confections' $19 Creature Eyeball lollipop assortments come in an assortment of six flavors ("Blackberry, Marshmallow, Cotton candy, Green apple, Strawberry, Guava") and an assortment of creepy eyeball designs. (via Crazy Abalone)


Lollipops that look like “creature eyeballs”

I kind’a see where they were going with this.


“look” like creature eyeballs.



What flavor would this one be?


Spicy cinnamon.


I am reminded of my ex-wife, but not her eye.


All seeing darkness, of course.


Hey, if they don’t actually taste like creature eyeballs, what’s the point in paying $20 for them?

I can get a strawberry lollypop for 30 cents.


True fact: you can make creature eyeballs in any flavor you like.


Raw hatred (banana)


yikes a $3.16 lollipop? they look neat but dang…




Strawberry shortcake


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