London has a new indoor skatepark

Corporate sponsor, yes. Multi-purpose, yes. Pretty Cool.


That really is pretty cool. Great use of the space and looks amazing. I’d love to take some photos there.

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Fantastic, right?! I’m fairly stunned. Might go along and twist an ankle sometime.

It just works so well. That whole industrial architecture with the slick concrete and grinding rails, echoing the arches in the curves… fair makes my shutter-finger twitch, it does.

Better you than me. I’m really not built for it. Loooooonnng way to the ground for me…
I love the visuals of it, though. Got a few pics on film negatives somewhere of kids using South Bank from back in the day. Shit, that brutalist building, the vibrancy of the graff, the sheer energy… fantastic. Good times. :smiley:

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Vans should already be well known as the makers of skate shoes - flat, wide and grippy on the soles. They’ve been around for years!

They have an outdoor skatepark in Huntington Beach, CA that opened earlier this year.

Here they are building it.

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