London pub owner kills rich American for looking homeless, sentenced


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While its tragic that someone died in this…why is I felt like I saw this on an episode of Benny Hill before?


Continental Soldier in Shabby Clothing…


Wow, so the pub owner was a scammer (he substituted cheaper wine for more expensive wine), a thief (he kept the credit card) and a killer. Then he hid evidence afterwards. It sounds like he thought the American was someone he could safely take advantage of, and it went sideways.


Clickbaity title. The homeless bit is a red herring and it would seem that it was a fight that ended badly after Hickox went back in to the pub to retreive his credit card with threat of violence. The pub owner is no saint in this story, don’t get me wrong. But that doesn’t justify distorting the facts for the sake of a juicy headline.


I guess it’s lucky the pub owner didn’t take a page from Burke and Hare and try to sell the body for medical research.


Or Sweeney Todd and turn it into tasty pies.


Ah the old ‘desperate to look down one’s nose at those people’ affliction that still haunts some corners of the fair isles.


Indeed, the pub owner was an ass and a thief and earned his sentence, but I don’t know what the American thought he was going to fix by going after him with tennis racquets, of all things.


There’s more to this story.


Well… Seeing as the dead guy was American… Maybe he didn’t know that calling the police in England wouldn’t significantly increase his odds of being shot in the back by a cop.


Not for the dead guy.


Well it sounds like the fellow was actually homeless, if that’s what “drifter” means. But he was a wealthy homeless person. That’s such a violation of the class system, I’m surprised the universe didn’t kill him sooner.


To be fair, the American’s the one that escalated it, by coming in armed with improvised weapons, threatening violence and prodding people with said weapons. Doesn’t deserve death, but if you escalate to threats of physical violence, you have to expect that others are going to take it seriously and respond in kind… especially if you think they’re crooks.


“Pushed someone with a tennis racket” versus “went after someone with an iron bar” - I’d say the hoteliers were the ones escalating things, yet again. Although it sounds like there was a series of escalations, including when they kicked him out, including his racket prodding, but mostly going after him with a potentially deadly weapon.


Never bring a tennis racket to an ironing board fight.


My personal policy is just to always pay with cash at a bar/pub/whatever-you-wanna-call-it. If I smell trouble, I can just chuck a hundo at the “mixologist” and dash before things get messy. Not getting a barstool broken over my back or a beer bottle smashed against my head is totally worth $100.


I have to admit that a story specifically about ‘An American’ that involves somebody getting pissed off and pulling a tennis racket left me a trifle surprised. We have standards to uphold when it comes to armed escalation.


War is a tennis racket.


You go to war with the army you have…