London van rams worshippers at mosque, authorities investigating attack as terrorism


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The act of the lowest form of coward, truly disgusting.


And the Imam at the mosque stopped the people from violent retribution.
(Watch out for coverage that will excitedly note that the mosque was the base for notorious “hate preacher” Abu Hanza but which will fail to also point out that he was expelled from the mosque over a decade ago, and eventually deported to the US where he was tried.)

To her credit*, our Prime Minister did find the right words to condemn the attack. But that’s mostly because she’s had too much recent practise and eventually you figure it out.
*which is so low at the moment that even saying something coherent would count as a positive result for her.


Thank you for that important bit of history.


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Surely the van drive could not have been Christian. Christians turn the other cheek.


Evidently someone didn’t get the memo about how only Muslims are allowed to be called terrorists and everyone else who does the same things are just disturbed individuals.


Yeah, the tabloid narrative immediately went to: “This is a terrorist mosque!” Even mainstream media coverage seems to be doing some dance about how, “This mosque is ‘associated’ with extremism! Well, it used to be.” So the message being sent is something between “All good Britons should be getting in their cars and doing more or this” and “They had it coming.” Totally grotesque.



I looked up the name of the former imam you named, and got a hit in Wikipedia

Is this the right guy?


That’s the guy


… not by the mosque / members of the mosque but the Charity Commission.

4 February 2003 (after being suspended since April 2002), Hamza was dismissed from his position at the Finsbury Park mosque by the Charity Commission,[29][30] the government department that regulates charities in England and Wales. After his exclusion from the mosque, he preached outside the gates until May 2004


OMG I’m stealing that GIF for everything in 2017 now.


And the Grenfell fire was mysteriously caused by “Greens” insisting on cladding.

There are many bad arguments for censorship, but the English press, the Telegraph, Mail, Express and the Murdoch organs, are among the few good arguments. Even is better than them.


Another in the long series of unrelated coincidences


(oops. That pun fell flat then)


The real argument is for education.

Oldie but goodie: Never believe what you read in the paper.

Just educate people about media bias. It’s simple.


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