Longtime Trump associate behind Trump-Russia "peace" plan is a violent felon


The Congress and the Justice Department are hard at work making sure that never happens.


You’re referring to trump as the treasonous fuck that should be prosecuted assume…

I doubt if 45 could identify anyone other than himself he’s such a narcissistic piece of shit that he’s blinded by his own glittering orange head.


Here we are in 2017 and the President* has an advisor who’s a violent thug and who stole from Jews who actually lived in 1940s Europe – talk about going the extra mile for right-wing authoritarian authenticity.


I’ve been calling them “Nazi fucks” for a while, and people seem to have a tough time understanding that it’s very close to being a literal statement…


who did prison time for stabbing a man in the face with the broken stem of a margarita glass,

That’s about tRump’s speed.


And of course “Peace” means gift wrapping anything putin wants.


Trump’s russophilia comes from the fact that russian money is primarily responsible for bailing him out of bankruptcy. But the price was more than just standard loan terms, his real-estate business was used to launder oligarch money. It should be no surprise then that he’s in deep with a figure from the russian mob.

Rachel Maddow connects the dots between a billionaire Russian oligarch and a bizarre Donald Trump deal

To be fair, Trump has failed to recognize Rudy Giuliani when he was in the room with him, so strictly speaking, it may be true.



Only a year for this?!? A minority would have gotten 30 years.


after the dozens of people I’ve stabbed with margarita glass stems without consequence I am just disgusted at the general level of incompetence on display here.


The best part of stabbing someone with a the stem of a margarita glass is being a vampire and using it like a straw because it is a great visual gag.


giving Fry a rest


"I’ve always been blessed with a kind of intuition about people that allows me to sense who the sleazy guys are, and I stay far away.”

It’s true. He still isn’t seeking my companionship, never is seen anywhere near me.



If they didn’t, they were either not paying attention or were willfully ignorant; Trump’s many years of connections to Russia, white nationalists, and the NYC mob were well documented and hammed on repeatedly during the campaign.


Well Trump’s attention wasn’t exactly on Guiliani’s face at the time.


A trained girly-drink assassin!

It was probably polonium salt around the rim, and don’t ask about the lime.

You don’t want to know what he can do with a bamboo umbrella!


This is the reason why the press is systematically being demonized and discredited: it is the press who will unearth more and more of the shady past of Trump and friends, as they rise in power.


And a cop would have gotten 0 years.

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