Look at these photos of neighborhoods and try to tell if they voted Biden or Trump

They’re going to follow up by telling us that the guesses were barely better than a coin-toss and we are less different than we imagine, aren’t they?

There does seem to be a noticeable difference.



Not sure if my browser extensions were messing things up, but they kept showing me the exact same property each time.
Anyways, I got a solid 13/20.

Yeah I had to take a shower after this quizz. So obviously targeting what the folk in the burbs and rural towns may think.

I’m thinking that this is a pop psychological test on bias where the premise is so thin and the motivation is clickbait over any worthwhile revelation.

12/17. Not bad for someone who has never stepped foot into the US. The empty forested road was difficult so I decided to go by general condition on the road. Turns out Trump country can also have well-maintained stretches of infrastructure.

yeah, this occurred to me too. are they really representing the true core of trump’s support or are they pushing the hard times working class narrative?

i haven’t taken the quiz so i can’t say. just seems like it could easily be the equivalent of a “push poll” - creating a false sense of reality with a biased set of questions

I got a participation trophy. :trophy: I kept picking 45 - it’s the pessimist in me. :thinking:


I got 9/18 (not very good). I was 4/4 when I was pretty certain (rural mcmansion, or in-city Philadelphia), but I did worse than chance on the 14 neighborhoods where I wasn’t so sure.

Perhaps it was just the luck of what I was shown, but at least half of the areas I looked at were so similar (mddle-class suburban) that I had a hard time telling them apart.

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I tried it twice and got different neighborhoods.
15/18 the first time, and 4/5 the second (I got bored).
Then again, we do a lot of driving, so we’ve seen the signs, literally and figuratively. Where there were Trump signs, there’s now 'Murica decorations along side the oversized pickups.

Alabama has great roads, but terrible schools. Priorities!

I didn’t do very well on my initial picks, but got better as I realized recycle bins or a Prius was always a Biden area. I got one rural area wrong, there were paper birch trees, so I was operating with the assumption it was northern Wisconsin or northern LP Michigan. Nope, it was Vermont, and they voted for Biden.


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