This window sign pushes back against the era of Donald Trump

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Preaching to the choir. Clinton took Illinois, and probably killed in Chicago. The people who need to see this sign are the ones who held their noses to vote for Trump because FBI something something emails. From what I hear a lot of Trump voters are having buyer’s remorse.

Put this sign in the white suburbs where it may do some good.


Even more than that, Andersonville is the single most lesbian-friendly neighborhood in town. I doubt there was a single Trump voter in the entire precinct.


just remember this in 6 months when the Jill Stein/Gary Johnson were spoilers whingeing starts.


Its nice, but in my opinion dead wrong and therefore really really ineffective. Most of the people who voted for Trump didn’t do it because they’re bigots or willfully ignorant or stupid or whatever, they did it because they live outside the cities and therefore want less government regulation in their lives. They don’t want what they see as micro managing by the government. Too many permits required, too many government regulations, too much government telling them what to do. And with Hillary they’d have absolutely gotten more of the same.

I’m not saying they’re right (like pretty much everyone reading this I voted for Hillary), but that’s their perspective, and until Democrats understand that they’re not going to be able to effectively argue with Trump supporters. Honestly if anyone is “willfully ignorant” here its the Democrats.

And yes I know that some people voted for Trump because they’re neo Nazis or whatever, but whether people here want to believe it or not they’re outliers and not at all representative of half the country.


“Oh wow, this sign says my candidate is very bad. That makes me really reconsider my vote” - every voter, everywhere


Someday I will induce you to my interracial married lesbians for Trump friends…


Clinton killed it all over Chicagoland, with the exceptions of McHenry and Kendall Counties. Clinton outperformed Obama’s margins from 2012. This is the first presidential election in recent history where the winning candidate did not carry Chicagoland.

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And someday I will introduce you to my informally-adopted immigrant (legal, AFAIK) daughter working in the financial world in NYC who is gung-ho for Trump!

Talk about number of memos missed. /eyeroll


Amen. There is a political divide in this country and this is a big part of it. Neither side really wants to understand the other. They want to yell at each other and tell the other side how wrong they are. The truth is we the average Americans get fucked by both sides no matter what way we vote.


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