Someone is spray painting blue dots in front of houses of Biden supporters in California city

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So juat paint blue dots in front of everyones house.


Doh. Came here to say this. Especially in conservative neighborhoods.

There was an episode of the Gummi Bears where the bad guy finds the tree where they live and he makes someone promise not to remove the red ribbon he tied on the tree so he can return with backup and know which tree it was. So the person who promised not to remove the ribbon just tied red ribbons to all the trees.

Increase the noise in the signal to noise ratio.


So glad I don’t work for Blu Dot.


Be prepared.

This is going to be a long five weeks…

ETA: This isn’t a reason to not vote for Biden. This is a reason to make sure you vote.


My father lives in rural PA and is thankfully liberal however he writes into the local paper’s comments section quoting Pete Seeger, which is rad, but then he signs his full name. Coupled with the fact that my parents are listed in the phone book I worry for them except for the fact that google maps has the location for their address wrong and takes you several miles away on a totally different road. But still…if shit ever went down and their were roving gangs of rednecks in pick up trucks driving around they would definitely be looking for liberals.


As someone who has been pretty open about my political leanings, in a very very red area, this is a situation that worries me. We have had talks here about when to take the locks off of the firearms. Praying it never gets to that.


Some sort of democratic Passover? Be careful first-born sons without the mark? Just trying to introduce some form of levity in an unsettling act.


Glad you clarified. It’s a serious situation… and I think that’s exactly the message they were trying to convey (but without the /s).


Seems a bit quaint. Why not use an augmented reality app driven not only by signs, but also with the registered voter list?


After seeing the Trump supporter in Beverly Hills claim that they were taking license plate numbers to target Biden supporters, I would not be surprised if a few civil servants were assisting with providing doxxing info.
I certainly hope the FBI is on it, because some assholes really need to think about their actions while cooling their heels in jail.


While reminscent, it’s not really analogous. In the Passover story, the Jews themselves painted their doorposts to spare themselves the wrath that was about to be visited on their oppressors. When the oppressors are the ones marking the homes of their enemites, it’s just a thuggish intimidation tactic. Here’s a more apt comparison from Jewish history (one of many over the centuries), one also perpetrated by fascists:

I get that, but I can’t say it’s unsettling. This is the kind of thing I’ve been expecting as election day approached, and it doesn’t bode well for the next several years in the U.S.


But in some areas, it’s more serious than dots on the street. There is actual video evidence of the roving bands of Trumpsters spraying bear spray and shooting paintballs, or in the case of Rittenhouse, actually murdering people.


There are also some who’ve decided to go with the classics (h/t @Otherbrother ):


Indeed. How can it not be intimidation at the very least, or marking a target for later at worst?
It’s horrific.
This kind of thing is never passive.


Roseville is a well to do city on the east side of the greater Sacramento metropolitan area. It is the butt of many local jokes often told in the ghettos is Sac. I know a bunch of people there, and it’s a hard place to understand. It has a rich mixture of both hyper liberal and hyper conservative folks all living together separated by expansive lawns and tall fences. Plus you have the old school old Roseville group who are not altogether pleased about the Karen’s of every type and the overdevelopment.

Thus far all is calm and mildly patriotic in the golden state capitol :slight_smile:


We all die eventually. If I die because racist morons dislike my belief in truth, justice, and equality for all, there are worse reasons.


I had to read that story so many times to my kids that I can’t let this go. It’s Clever Tom:

And it’s hilarious. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll have to read it again tonight.


Another story in this vein of right-wing populist thuggery:

Police in Lake Oswego said in a news release on Friday they discovered the [deer] heads at different locations on Thursday. One was found next to a Biden presidential campaign sign at an intersection in the morning, police said. The other was found on the front lawn of a home next to a Black Lives Matter sign in the afternoon, according to police.


Excellent summary, neighbor!

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