Look at this banana light!


Seriously, just look at it. Needs more gears.

Did you ever want to play questions?

Would be a nice basking light for this guy:


And so it begins… :frowning:

Look, I hate animal cruelty as much as the next sapient species, but isn’t there any way we can prevent this little guy from evolving any further? Maybe a sterilizing dose of radiation or something?


The on/off mechanism amuses my inner 13year old. :laughing:


Shouldn’t you look with it?


Something something joke about jackfruit something.



Needs more ashes.


It’ll put your eye out, kid.


It should be marketed as the “Handy” light…


Mom was right…
Children’s eye injuries from nonpowder guns on the rise – ScienceDaily


I want it for my daughter. She might appreciate when she does more than eat, poop, cry and sleep.


Also, just look at this:


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