Look what I made for lovers of Kewpie mayonnaise

Why is that MSG yellow? Is it all oxidized to hell? The MSG I get from the grocery store is pure white and great on popcorn with shichimi togarashi.


I think it’s just the pic. The version with two is white.

Because it, like everything in my mom’s spice cabinet, is from 1972?


Good way to reply without addressing the substance of my post!

I guess “logical fallacy” is redundant, so it’s minimally humorous, but I wouldn’t name a band that; maybe a song, or an EP at best.

Seriously though: if you’re willing to satisfy my curiosity, could you please state why you are so adamantly anti-MSG?

I see you are a fellow of good taste and distinction despite being raised in Oscar-Meyer Scarytown. I, too, am a satisfied refugee.

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What I make for lovers of Kewpie Mayonnaise:

Mentaiko Pasta

Cooked Pasta +
1 piece of spicy cod roe (sans membrane)
1 tbsp of soy sauce
2 tbsp of Kewpie

Forgot: Top with shredded nori usually in small thin strips


If that’s a pic of your cooking, then you’re a much fancier chef than I. I might have to try this recipe out, although looking at it I already want to add a touch of miso. When I’m making aioli for fried food, it’s always gochujang, rice vinegar, dried salt lime, miso, and Kewpie mayo.


Nope. It is just a pic I got through a google search of the dish.
It is simple enough that there is plenty of room for variation.

I am definitely trying your aioli recipe!

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I took the liberty of melding @frauenfelder’s file with the posable tentacles I’ve been working on, to create a sort of seasonal Urotsukidoji / elder god themed mayo centerpiece, which seemed like the obvious next step here:


Mayo_Tentacles.stl.zip (6MB)

(the image is a cunning deepfake, I don’t actually have a bottle of this mayo to test it on)

(and yes, I did leave clearance for the hinge. I… eyeballed it)


This thread needs even more recipes!


Salt lime is the only weird ingredient in there. I made a bunch of salt-pickled limes earlier this year that I then dehydrated (which then broke my food processor trying to grind), so I use those, but you can also find dried limes (limu omani) at any Persian or Middle-Eastern grocery store. Smashed up it works just fine.

The aioli also works great as a marinade / brine without the mayo. It doesn’t work very well as a salad dressing, the gochujang is too sticky. If you add orange juice and any smoky chili (I like guajillo) it tastes like adobo.


Oooh I got those stores in my neighborhood! I’ve seen those!

Gochujang + Kewpie mayo = a nice condiment/dipping sauce


Agreed on Gochujang + Kewpie mayo being a great dipping sauce for just about anything. It also makes a great Hollandaise, to which I like to add some basil and green onion pulsed into it with an immersion blender. This makes sense because spicy barbeque + Hollandaise is amazing.



Not to knock 3D printing, but the lid looks flat, so couldn’t you just turn it upside down in a door shelf and prop it up with other bottles in the door shelf if needed?

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Email me!

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Sure, but this is more fool proof


STL files are great for printing but not so great for modifying. How about a source file, Mark?

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Please let us know if you find anything at all healthy in that aisle.

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This whole MSG / Mayo thing has everyone in an uproar, I’m go’n sneak out the back cyber door and leave it at that. Who knew, I ask you?


I did, but it was the next aisle over, good deal on Jeam Beam this week, a handle was $18+tx, couldn’t beat it with a stick. I checked if MSG is in the Whiskey, astonishingly no…


Maybe Rachel had too much MSG.