Looney Pyramids - invent your own games


But… where do the spirit cards come in?

IT’S A TRAP! They’re trying to get you to play nomic.

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I played Icehouse when it first came out - used to have the original set which I think was solid not hollow. Such a great feel in the hand, that set. I wish they were selling those.

The Looneys are such a great fixture in the gaming scene. I should revisit some of their games - apparently Fluxx is quite a good game.

Zendo is my personal favorite variation. It’s easy enough to roll your own version out of Lego, but there’s something nice about pulling a standalone box set off the shelf.

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I’m a big fan of “Zendo” by them, though you don’t see it sold as its own thing anymore.

Lego Zendo? WTF? I could puzzle this out (as it is somewhat obvious) but has someone else done an end to end write up that I could give to strangers?

Pyramids…of Dunshire.


Not that I know of. Most folks apparently just print out some koan cards and a rules set from BGG and then grab a handful of whatever is cheap and colorful to go from there.

http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/6830/zendo is a good place to start!

Now that I think about it, thingiverse probably has something… Ah! http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3361

I know what I am using as my new printer calibration piece at work…

Where do you get The Cones of Dunshire expansion pack?

This illustrated reference includes images with legos as examples.


I discovered Looney Labs at a scifi con years ago. A bunch of guys were playing Ice Towers in the middle of the floor using giant cardboard pyramids. I had to know more, so they directed me to Looney Labs’ booth in the vendor hall, where I ended up playing Zendo with Andrew Looney. Fun times. When my kid is out of the “not recommended for children under 3” stage, I’ll need to break my pyramids out and start playing again.

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