Lora DiCarlo sex tech - Review

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I will keep this brief and PG rated.

The basic toy design
One end of the toy is phallic for internal stimulation.
The other end of the toy is for external stimulation (a circular area that created a sucking feeling, surrounded by a vibrating ring).
The middle of the toy is bendy allowing the toy to be straight or “C” shaped.

The Tester
My girlfriend put the toy through it’s paces. She has experience with approximately a dozen toys.

The Phallic End
Overall shape and appearance was not enjoyed. The mechanical way the toy stimulated the g-spot was actually painful. Due to the painfulness testing was brief.

The Sucky Vibrating End
This end worked as expected and was enjoyable. The one ding is this end of the toy is bulky.

The “C” mode:
The toy’s big selling point is that you can bend it into a “C” shape to get internal and external stimulation simultaneously. When the phallic end was inserted (with g-spot simulator off), we were unable to bend the toy enough for the sucky end to get a good vacuum seal. it has to be at the right angle to work correctly. This may be because my girlfriend is Filipino and has a small body frame.

We found 2/3 of the primary features to not be worth using. Considering the high price, there are other toys such as the Womanizer that provide dedicated external stimulation with better ergonomics at a lower cost.


Thanks for all your hard work!


I’m bummed out that this device wasn’t super awesome. I would have written a much more detailed review in that case. It’s hard :wink: to spend effort writing a detailed review that boils down to “over priced, under-performs”. :man_shrugging:

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