Lora DiCarlo sex tech now available for purchase

Continuing the discussion from CES unrevokes robotics prize to women's sex toy:

The toy that won the award, then lost the award, then regained the award is available as of this morning for purchase (11/25/2019). Ships in January (2020). After taxes and shipping it is a little over $300. I will post back here with some sort of review in January after some rigorous testing. :wink:

I’m praying to the toy gods that the quality is on par with the price. My experience is that is often not the case, even for premium toys. We will see.


All of us here appreciate willingness to put your… heart into this research for the general good. May you plumb the depths of your curiosity and return to us satisfied!

We’ll be looking for graphs and some kind of statistical analysis. If you can manage it, a double blind study is probably best, but blindfolded might work in a pinch. What kind of DoE are you contemplating? A full factorial, or a screening experiment? How many degrees of freedom will you give your subject? So many choices to make before you can get to that Eureka! moment. Best of luck, brave scientist.


It’s behind eight patents.

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Double blindfolded and ball-gagged, for science!

I figure this thing is expensive so I will take one for the team and see if it is worth the money. I have a test group of one so… test results may not apply to all boingers. But I will give feed back on quality, easy of use and the experience of the test subject.


When I read the story about the award that was given and then rescinded and then given back I was shopping for a birthday present and I was interested, but then I saw it wasn’t actually available yet. We’ve got some months until the birthday* comes around again, so I am awaiting the review. I’m definitely a little skeptical of the price tag.

* The birthday of the single person who it is appropriate for me to buy this as a present.

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The price tag elevates it above a casual purchase. I spend money as infrequently as possible. In general I avoid accumulating stuff. But that means I have a bit extra to spend when I see something different. Hopefully this gamble is worthwhile. Toys are very hit or miss so who knows. I will report back with a safe for work review as soon as we get it in Jan.

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