Los Angeles Police issue warning about "possible first amendment activity"

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They didn’t become militarized to NOT use all of those weapons.


Is it too late to change the title “Bill of Rights” to “Bill of Probably Not Today”?


How about Bills of Rights? As in one set of rights for certain groups and another for everyone else. Isn’t that the populist choice these days? (-‸ლ)

or a billion writers ho ho

Wow, most criminal gangs don’t announce ahead of time when they plan on doing crime. They are plainly announcing threats against people for exercising their explicitly Constitutional rights.


I heard it’s legal if you do it in a fenced-in free speech zone.

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“possible first amendment activity”
It’s an El Nino period right now so it might be pretty intense


…additional uniformed personnel and other resources will be deployed to ensure the highest level of public safety.

(italics mine)

So those additional personnel should not be police.


What if a Code of Hammurabi rolled through town? :thinking:

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I wish they took as seriously “possible 2nd amendment activities.”




Lawsuit : People of La vs. The LAPD being filed in 3…2…

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Looking at it another way, if they found out the KKK was planning a march, I’d want to warn people that the area is likely to be a hotspot of trouble without advertising that it’s a KKK march and possibly drawing even more people to the area.

Awww! We just got a frickin tank! We gotta find an occasion to use it! /s


That “if” is doing a lot of heavy lifting there.

(Narrator: They don’t do this for groups like the KKK)


Meanwhile in my city, I called the non-911 police line because miscreants in souped up cars had taken over a large intersection near my house and been doing swirlies for45 minutes.
The response from the police line said they were “monitoring the situation” and that they really couldn’t do anything because there were 200 people involved, and they had GUNS.
I would have considered it just a dangerous nuisance, but my 60 year old neighbor had gone out to talk to them the last time this happened, and they beat the shit out of him.

They are “drifting” street cars on public roads, stopping traffic for hours in CA. People have died, automobiles and local property destroyed. It is commonly referred to as a “sideshow”. Most police (On the east coast/south where they partake on dirtbikes/atvs) the po-po has a “do not pursue” edict in effect. On the west coast they just do that shit in cars.

They are not “swirlies”, that is way different.
Swirly - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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