Los Angeles Sheriff department's celebrity PSAs of the 80s

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Hoo Boy, James Sikking is exactly the person you want to represent the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department!

james corden GIF by Tony Awards


LA Sheriff Department is the largest gang in LA. FACT!


Of course the only person of color gets tagged out.

Lee Bacca still in jail?

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I am pleased to see that, as expected, Danny Elfman manages somehow to bring an air of undefined menace to a simple don’t drink and drive message!


Coincidentally, I was just listening to Cerise Castle talking about LA deputy gangs on an electronic pod broadcast yesterday. Apparently she has been writing about it for some time and learned many intriguing things, where by “intriguing” I mean, you know, bad.

She mentioned that deputising celebrities used to be part of it in the fifties, though an equally plausible explanation for these PSAs would be that they got the celebs out of various misdemeanor charges

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I think he was high.

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Yeah Elfman looks 100% like Boss Hogg is dangling the keys to his ankle tracker just off camera.

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