Los Angeles taco stand closes because maskless covidiots attacked workers

It seems like they are just trying to take care of their employees.

You’re right, but if they can’t get the support of local government, I’m not sure what else they should do.

No, but we also know the problem with police…


And there are many, MANY reasons why women don’t do this, mostly because it almost never works and we end up being dragged through the mud and losing out as a result.


I work in a machine shop in southwestern PA where there are signs saying masks must be worn on entry-

so of course, hardly anyone does.

Many have told me they think its a hoax, and I work in a semi enclosed area and they walk right past me without wearing masks. I complain- I’m written up for “confrontation”.

They don’t enforce their own policies, and I have a documented preexisting condition on paper in their hr dept- they don’t fucking care.

I go to do my laundry last night- some asshole not wearing a mask, despite large signs on door demanding it. I speak up- I get harrassed for feeling threatened.

I live in a very red area below a very blue city- and there are people everywhere in grocery stores not wearing masks, and noones doing a damn thing about it.

I fear to go to my job or even grocery shopping to live, because of these fucking assholes. I’m speaking up- every single fucking time- because if I don’t, I could get infected and die.

I fucking hate this country- people around me, my own employer- noone cares whether I live or die, because it’s inconvenient for them to wear a mask. Fuck every last one of them.


Private property rights for me but not for thee.

The GOP must die.

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I know people who have had to work in PD doing tech. Police have been going with “I’m tested all the time so I don’t have to” BS. Way to lead by example, civil servant.


The problem is that the truck owners have to consider their employees’ safety. If they were just one person like in your example they could do the principled thing and damn the torpedoes. But they, rightly, aren’t asking their employees to take the risk for their (the owners’) principles.


Offended by the “no mask, no service policy”? What, are you trying to undermine free enterprise and capitalism by interfering with a corporations rights to free speech??


Sorry, man. That shit is fucked up. Generally where I live people have been respectful and wearing masks in stores. We only go shopping once every two weeks, though. And I work from home, as does my wife.
Honestly, all these belligerent assholes… I hate to say it, but I hope they get this and are denied care and fucking die alone.

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Seriously, the swinging fucking nads of entitlement on these people!

“I won’t wear a mask!”

Okay, then eat at an outdoor place, or one without a mask rule.

“No, I want THESE tacos where they insist on masks!”

Well, put on a mask if you want some.

“No, my right to eat their specific tacos is more important than the health and safety of their employees or clients!” [tantrum ensues]


I’m leaving this country as soon as I possibly can (which unfortunately is not for a very long time still). Americans have shown that they are willing to murder random strangers rather than very mildly inconvenience themselves. It’s no different than handing someone a revolver with a single bullet and telling them they can pull the trigger on as many people as they like without ever having to face consequences for their actions. The average American has shown without a doubt that they would do it without hesitation, then gladly ask for more ammo every time they blew someone’s brains out. This country is no longer my home, and now that I’ve seen its true face, it never can be again. The hope of some day being able to leave and move somewhere relatively sane is the only thing keeping me going.


Taking a stand like that is a privilege, though. For most people who do it, it is an expensive and very long process with low odds of success. You need an extensive financial and social support network around you to have any chance. This is a small business. They can’t run themselves into the ground trying to get the police reform needed to have cops go out there and do their jobs here. Their first duty is to their employees, and they are protecting their health and their jobs by de-escalating the situation and trying again later.


Fair enough to this comment as well as the others along these lines. I completely understand, emapthize with the owner, and agree.

I guess what I’m looking for with this dialogue is things we can do as a community (I’m in the LA area) that can help bridge the gap between what this restaurant had to do and an ideal world where this shit doesn’t happen. I’m trying to put myself in this business owner’s shoes (and those in the immediate communities) and think about not just how to react to the current situation but ways to take some kind of additional action that will help in the mid- to long-term. Identifying the reasons why this decision was made helps point out how things are broken and what needs to be fixed, but the societal, political, and financial changes that need to happen to establish a culture where this doesn’t happen, or when it does that an appropriate response is possible, is a different and much larger issue.

Im starting to think the same as you.

If anyone out there knows someone that needs a skilled machinist, manual, cnc, and EDM, near Pittsburgh- let me know.

Hell- in the Netherlands, let me know.

This job is quickly becoming impossible, caught 3 of my managers not wearing masks today and called them on it- and management was so afraid of me it appears they called the police? I watched a cop car roll away after my meeting with them.

Maybe it was threating a lawsuit that did it- these people just don’t get it!

I need a new career otherwise, post haste- because I see these people, this industry- they are not going to change.

Yeah folks- for some of us, this shit is very real indeed

Edit: apparently they did not call cops…they arent sure why they were there.

Either way this industry has certain personality profiles ingrained in it no matter where you go. I will never have peace unless I work for myself I just wish I could find the capital to do that because everything else I have covered


It makes the title “Flu Klux Klan” all that more appropriate with these pestilence spreading morons.


Really stupid you have to hold them to their own supposed “standards”. At my job a lot of effort is put into prioritizing safety, no one is above our protocols and that is actively encouraged. Our CEO and others in management have been put on the spot before for not doing something appropriately and the workers that bring up those issues are commended, no hard feelings. It inspires people to do the right thing and hearing that at your job management just doesn’t care is disappointing. Perhaps not surprising but still, that is a gigantic liability for the company and seen through that lens alone you’d think they’d have economic incentive to “care”.

Good luck to you and regardless of where you end up i wish you the best.

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Which is kind of ironic, since they’re doing the no-masks-and-racism thing to support the guy who runs the tallest taco stand in New York.


i like that the USA is so extreme we didn’t flatten the curve we turned it into a half-pipe! /s

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