Los Angeles’ Tesla-driving terror sentenced to five years

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This guy is clearly scum, but I feel the like the inclusion of the word Tesla in articles like this is some sort of SEO on the part of news websites. If this guy drove a Nissan Leaf, would we call him a “Leaf-driving terror?”


… probably, if, for the first hours or days he was in the news, the only identifying information anyone had was that he drove a Leaf, then they would refer to him as “the Leaf road rage guy” — even after they learn his name

Media mindlessly quote each other forever

They tell us what country a virus was first detected in, even after the WHO gives it another name, and next week they’re going to tell us the equinox is “the official beginning of autumn” — it is not, but they’re quoting each other


“Random” acts of violence are always “primarily against women.”


I don’t know when they arrested him, but I am surprised there was an arrest, trial, conviction, and sentence in under a year. Hopefully this is a wake up call and he gets some anger management or something. :confused:


That’s because he’s a nobody with very little resources. If he was well-off, it would have taken several years.


“I just feel like he is going to get out and be infuriated, especially since all our names are out in public record, for the majority of us,”

Gosh … umm … what if prisons actually provided some attempt at rehabilitation rather than just being schools for being a better criminal? :thinking:


I’m rather surprised none of his victims shot him. It must put you in fear of your life to be attacked by a raging man with a steel pipe.

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In particular with this guy when news came out a brigade of Musk fans were denying that it was a Tesla at all. They were quite vocal. Likely why the car he was driving is mentioned at all. Streisand effect by-proxy.


No, he would have been the Leaf Lunatic or the Nissan Nitwit. Or the Prius Prick, or the Mini Coop Maniac…


Apologies to any Prius-driving Mutants, but that one’s already in use for a few hundred thousand Americans already.

I dunno, you hear about people arrested and can’t make bail and still waiting over a year just for trial.

Carbon neutral aggressor doesn’t roll off the tongue.


I dunno, is the Leaf associated with a “Alpha” bs CEO? Or is Tesla? Gee, I wonder why media and people in general are focusing on the alpha bs driver as though it might be part of the culture surrounding the brand or something :thinking:

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I think I’ve told this story here before, but years ago some goon decided to get out of their car and confront me about a parking space (:roll_eyes:). It was one of those “you can’t park here because I work in this building” situations on a public street. Dude obviously felt like he owned the spot.

Anywho, I had long hair at the time so he gets out of his car to confront me. The moment I step out of the car and he sees I’m a 6’1” dude he pops right back in his car and scoots right along. Fucking coward.


Here in GOV.UK-land we’ve just had an “alleged terrorist” escape from prison, then recaptured a few days later cycling along a canal two-path in west London.

He’s been in prison for four years without being charged, and one of his two alleged offences has a maximum sentence of 12 months.

So now I suppose he won’t get charged with escaping, and he’ll spend even longer inside.

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I feel that when you assault ten people in the space of a few weeks, there’s something more than a spontaneous act of “road rage” going on.

Radimak has a long criminal history that stretches across nearly two decades in eight different states

Like that, for instance.

The article didn’t say what his criminal history consisted of, so I did some Googling, looking for the domestic violence incident and you will be amazed, AMAZED to learn what I found.

His ex-girlfriend obtained a restraining order against him in 2022, accusing him of domestic violence, stalking and threatening to kill her, her current boyfriend and her family, including her parents … Radimak’s ex-girlfriend wrote in the restraining order application he strangled her until she blacked out while they were dating & later threatened a ‘massacre’ was coming … [Nathaniel Radimak: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know]

I mean, what are the odds, right?

His rap sheet also includes “unlawful imprisonment” and PPP loan fraud, so he’s certainly a versatile little thug.

You will also not be surprised to learn that he told one Latina woman that he assaulted that she needed to “get out of California” and go back to wherever she came from (note: Radimak is from New York). No word on who he voted for or how many Nazi tattoos he has.

Provided he doesn’t get stabbed in prison, it’s a safe bet that we’ll be hearing about this guy again once the state has done warehousing him for not more than five years. I strongly doubt he’s going to emerge from the prison system a kinder, better person.


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