Lost and found: $200,000 in gold bars

“Oh, is that where I left that.”


I thought you were going to tell us that your pilot cousin found gold bars on his plane when he was cleaning it up. And of course, it was a cash only business so he never knew the names of the people he flew around.


“Hold it! Right there-zoom and enhance…that guy with the panicked look on his face, the one who’s been racing around the train station all day, searching and making a nuisance of himself. I believe that might be our man.”


Umm, C) unknowingly awaiting a phone call during which a sensuous voice will whisper a subconsciously embedded code to activate them.


“Miles to go before I sleep”


Most likely black money or tax evasion… “Money tourism” to the Swiss is not uncommon in Europe. People carrying suitcases of cash or gold over there to put it into their mostly anonymous accounts.

Swiss may have improved their banking regulations and laws but are still somewhat lax about such stuff.

Imagine if the loss of 190k in gold is less concerning to you, then being identified as the owner with subsequent questions arising where this is comming from.


That’s just over eight pounds of gold, not very much. Having handled a very large gold brick (about the size of a building brick) for a museum exhibit on gold, I’ll tell you that small bars are deceptively heavy, and large bars are very difficult to move.


Those are mine, thanks. I can identify them, if necessary. They’re sort of rectangular in shape, with a deep yellow color. They’re quite heavy as well.


Did you scratch your name in them in case they were stolen?

When I was given my grandfather’s gold watch my mother said once upon a time it was “common” for watchmakers to skim a bit of gold scrapings off each watch that came in for repair. So not enough to notice per watch, but if you fix enough, it adds up.

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I have never been to Switzerland or owned gold bars. Is it possible I blacked out, flew to Switzerland, opened a gold mine, process these gold bars, lost them on the train, and made my way back to the U.S. before coming back to consciousness?

I think these bars could be mine, given a very specific fugue state…


Nice shoes!

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