Lost My Name: custom kids' storybooks plotted around children's names


I had something like this as a child. Best gift ever for a young budding ego.

Bartholomew loved it, Ty was angry for some reason.


Seems nicer than the “we’re just going to drop the kid’s name and a few random facts into the text” personalizations.

@jeff_fisher: Well, one could avoid nicknames (Tyrone wouldn’t be bad), or include a middle name and call it a double name… or, of course, pick a different gift; it’s no worse than the “lining up alphabetically isn’t always fair” problem.

(“Pleased to meet you; won’t you guess my name?”)

I tried it with Bartholomew and Max. (Oh Ty was rejected, no wonder he is angry)

Protip: have a long name. The Bartholomew book had many more pages.

*awesome idea by the way, and that website is fantastic

I’ll hold out for a book randomly generated from a kid’s DNA.


You might be on to something there. That white supremacist who got his come-uppance the other day, that book coulda saved him.

Well I placed an order in my son’s name “Auryn” but then reading these comments I realized it would be much better to use the middle name that we tag on to that as well (He’s “Auryn Echo”). I’m hoping the company will be able to make the change. Thanks for the tip, jeff_fisher!

What an awesome thing! I am getting one for my son Wesley. Thank you for the link!

I don’t think it would be a good gift for adopted children. We often are re-named and really do lose our original names. No one will help us regain them, either, as records are closed and sealed in most states. Sometimes, you can petition a judge and still not gain access to your own identity.

That is really cute, and heads above any other personalized story book I’ve seen. I might snag one or two of these as Christmas gifts.

Ouch; didn’t know that. I’d consider that a Very Bad Thing to do to any human old enough to have started associating a name with itself. (I’m somewhat reluctant to do it to animals – even cats, who often don’t respond to their names anyway.) Agreeing on a nickname would be a different matter.

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