Louisiana man shoots 14-year-old neighbor in head after she strays into his yard playing hide-and-seek with other kids

I hate to be “that guy” , but the shooting at the private school in Nashville was done by a woman decked out in tactical gear carrying two assault type weapons. I know one example doesn’t prove a rule, but sometimes it is women shooting up kiddos.

Then don’t.


Strange how none of the charges included attempted murder.


By all appearances, he was trans. If this does not support “trans men are men,” for better or for worse, then nothing will.


One trans man. Out of the thousands of cis male mass murderers.

This is a problem with men first and foremost.

It just… Is. Men are the ones who are mostly doing the mass murder challenge. And very often they do have some kind of history of DV, often against women. Why and what to do about it?

Well people can’t agree on that part of course.

Some say if every man gets a quota of female slaves he’ll be happy or at least content himself with killing them off instead of people at shopping malls and shit. I guess that’s more ethical and easier to enforce than gun control…


Jesus said to him “Put your sword back into its place, for all who take the sword will die by the sword.” He replied to Jesus, “What about responsible sword owners? If good guys put our swords back then only bad guys will have swords.” And verily, Jesus did slap his own forehead.


If you notice a situation that might pass for self defense, then it would be a shame to let that murder voucher go to waste.



Beat me to it:


The other way of saying this is Anecdotal Evidence.
Yes, it happened.
It may have happened more than once.

It has not happened in all the 2,000-plus times there has been a mass shooting in America in the last (year?).

The Daily Mail could lead a masterclass in this.
Every immigrant is a murderer, every Trans person is a groomer, etc, for ever.


I’ve got the 'ump, in case you couldn’t tell.


This is absolutely a concerted effort by the GOP. Their message for decades has been “stranger danger” and “everyone is coming to murder your family until proven otherwise”. People vote conservative when they are afraid.

I can’t believe how these stories just keep coming. It’s really hard to watch. Hang in there, American friends. :confused:


Also, even if that shooter WAS a woman, it does not change the fact that the vast, VAST majority of shooters are men, and generally white men.

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Apparently it’s their brains that make them predisposed to violence, not their genitals. Who knew?


I don’t think they’re de-sensitized, I think they’re hypervigilant, fearful and are pumping fight or flight hormones at an extreme rate. FX Lies has their viewers so scared of every shadow, every knock, every person with a skin shade darker than white bread, that their first instinct is to grab an easily available gun and load 'er up. The answer is to get FX off the air, but I don’t see that happening, so…


I was actually wondering if the victim(s) were non-white…sadly, would not be surprised if this were the case.


That was gross. Gross but true.

this a thousand times.

what would this man have done with out the gun? he’d have yelled at them, or more likely absolutely nothing

a lot of people have brought up fox news, or the state of american society - and while that’s absolutely the match - there’d be no explosion without the powder, and no shots without the bullets

we can’t fix every toxic person - many of them don’t even want to be fixed. but we can get the guns out of their hands to limit the violence that they do


I think we’ve reached the point where kids sitting on the couch watching TV or playing video games is less of a health risk than going outside and playing. It’s fucking dangerous out there.

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Yes yes yes. America is not the only country with fear-inducing media, or a toxic understanding of how men should act, or with mental health issues in a small segment of the population. These problems are everywhere, to one degree or another.

Brilliant analogy, thank you.


What @KathyPartdeux was getting at is:

  • There have been around 600 mass shootings per year in the US, for the past 3 years, i.e. 1800-ish shootings.
  • One of them was by a trans man (assigned female at birth).

The second point, if you’re trying to find the biggest problem areas, is less than a rounding error.

We all do things we don’t like to do, from time to time. Usually, we try to confine it matters that are more than a rounding error. I know any school shooting is too many. But if we’re trying to reduce the numbers, maybe we don’t chase rounding errors?

ETA: in this case, choosing to focus on the bigger issues matters because there have already been far-right propaganda outlets that have jumped on the the fact that a single trans man did a mass shooting and said “Zomg, the trans are murdering us!”, when in real life the trans folk do far fewer mass shootings than the American average.