Club Q mass shooting continues disturbing trend

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Sadly, no.


Only when it affects people in power directly.

Even then it could be a toss up.


Given the inaction after the horrors of Sandy Hook it’s really hard to see what it would take. As a country we seemed to care less about dozens of innocent children being slaughtered at school than we did about a few Chicago gangsters offing each other in the St Valentine’s Day Massacre (which actually led to real gun restrictions)

In Bojack Horseman there was an episode that dealt with this, and after shrugging off countless mass shootings society finally took notice and banned guns after an incident where a woman was the shooter.



That was a great episode of a great show. I presumed they had based it on the history of The Black Panthers, who started open carrying and hanging around police activity in the 1960s. Not threatening or saying or doing anything. Just standing around with rifles on their backs. The speed with which gun control laws were rolled out was dizzying. Those held until the Heller decision, which was the culmination of angry white people deciding they wanted guns. Now here we are, counting the daily mass shootings.


There’s that old joke about all we’d need was for every young black man in America to apply for an NRA membership in order to change attitudes.


You’ve likely already heard of the latest in America’s ever-growing list of mass shootings



Sad to say, a lot of voters don’t care about gay people, or even approve if they’re attacked. It may take something really unimaginably horrific, like, say, a gunman shooting children in schools. If anything like that happened, then we’d see some rapid change. They couldn’t possibly ignore an atrocity like that.

What? Why are you all looking at me like that?


(this time, he’d been arrested once before for threats of violence)

Domestic Violence is one thing that most mass shooters have in common. It really needs to be treated more seriously than it is. They did pass that federal law earlier this year to try to close up some of the DV loopholes, but I can’t recall specifically what it did. States and local governments are the ones who need to enforce and prosecute it better.


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There has been a strategy of ginning up hate and violence by the right against lgbtq folks for years- increasing over the last few and heavily targeting transgender people in particular.

It was partially tied to the election- but is more broadly tied to accelerationist desires to disrupt democracy and take power.

It’s not some organic free floating feelings or economic anxiety. It’s planned. And right now is the first time after an attack that they didn’t back away from the violent rhetoric- but doubled down.

The threat is real, imminent, ongoing and increasing. And lgbtq people can’t rely on institutions to protect us.



Hate to say it, but kinda looks like this would be a “yes.”

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The shooting of Steve Scalise did not affect it in any way. So, probably not even then.


Maybe they just didn’t want him on the softball team.

(Sorry, stuck at work and ready to get the fk outta here. Dark sarcasm setting in to deal w traffic.)

Thinking more along the lines if their immediate family were affected. Or multiple immediate families of the ruling and or donor class.


Frankly nobody has to give a flying fuck what this shooter’s motivation was. ALL mass shootings, especially those of minority groups are the work of the right wing.

Not only do they encourage violence and murder (either pre- or post- facto), they lobby hard to make committing a mass murder as easy as possible.

Every time there is one, it needs to be delivered to the front door of every right wing politician. They are ALL responsible for this.


Technically, it’s 3 things they have in common:

  1. Male
  2. White
  3. Violence against women

Just to note that #3 isn’t precisely domestic violence, since a number of shooters had no domestic partners but had assault priors/charges against women.


Here’s a good start

As is this


What is it going to take for us to wake the fuck up and do something?

It won’t happen until a majority of voters AND candidates realise that bits of paper written well over a couple of hundred years ago do not justify their current cult status as sacrosanct holy words and can and must be updated.

I.e., well, I won’t say ‘never’ - but not in our lifetimes, is my guess.