Love Death + Robots renewed for a fourth season

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Jibaro is an absolute masterpiece.


The first season was entirely directed by dudes, only had one episode written by a woman, and only had two episodes that weren’t based on a story written by a dude. And man, could you feel it. Misogynistic, adolescent, boring, edgelord trash (with many episodes featuring the gruesome death of a sexualized woman).

As a huge fan of animation, and particularly experimental and adult animation, I noped HARD out of this stupid show.

I watched a couple of episodes of later seasons (which had a marginally better ratio of gender and minority representation, largely as a result of shorter seasons meaning their token not-white-dude directors made up a larger percentage of the whole) but it never seemed to shape up into anything interesting.


Of all the Netflix shows I look forward to - this is top of the list.

It’s hard to explain why. Yes - some parts are misogynistic - purposely so I suspect.

It’s likely that it harkens me back to the Heavy Metal and Omni magazines I read as a lad. This connection is not without chance as I recently learned.

While this show is far from the best animated offering Netflix currently has on tap (that would be Arcane, IMO), it’s good enough that I’ll watch another season. Seems like each season has one, two, maybe three episodes that are worth the price of admission. Good enough for me.

Absolutely. Just jaw dropping in every respect. I don’t know how they did it. That and Into the Spiderverse were the two most recent animated works that really dazzled and amazed me.

And that isn’t to say there aren’t amazing works in LDR - but Jibaro is just next level.

That said - LOVE the series. Love anthologies. Love the mix of styles and stories. Love the creativity and taking risks. Love the more experimental story telling or styles. Big fan.


I was constantly blown away by the quality of animation. Blur Studios has always been at the top of my list of best animation companies.

Real question: If Season 4 is JUST NOW being greenlit, how much time before it actually lands? The detail and quality of all the animations in the past just seem like they would take a long time to produce. Or maybe I’m just ignorant to the amount of time and energy required.


And I don’t care if this “article” is an ad paid for by Netflix. I’m just so glad to get more LD+R!!!

It probably helps that it’s an anthology series created by a number of different writing teams and animation studios. So once the producers have chosen which stories to green-light you’ve got a bunch of different creative teams working simultaneously on one episode apiece instead of the traditional model where you have the same creative team trying to work their way through a whole season’s worth of content.


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