New Arrested Development on Netflix on Sunday. Excited?

I’ve been rewatching the original episodes and catching up on the old jokes. Definitely worth giving this map of all the gags a look too.

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I am totally excited, can’t believe this is happening:

It sucks I am in Australia and have to jump through so many hoops to watch it. I had to use to pretend I am in the US, just to get access to netflix.

My worst fear is that this new season won’t be as good.

Yes!!! I wonder if I can manage to re-watch all the original episodes before Sunday…

The return of the chicken dance!

I’m excited and I like the experiment of Netflix making its own content. They are getting the shaft in the streaming business and this’ll be an interesting way out.

Caw ca-caw ca-caw!
Choc-a-choc a cho!
A doodle-oodle-doo! A doodle-oodle-doo!

There needs to be a bingo game or possibly a drinking game for the new season… Possible squares:

  • You’re gonna get some hop-ons
  • Blue man group
  • Bob Loblaw
  • Shoulder rubs
  • No touching
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I’m really curious to see if Netflix can handle so many people streaming the entire series all day.

Is it OK to say that I’ve watched two episodes of Season 4 so far and … I am underwhelmed?

I feel like this is Pet Sematery – things never quite come back from the dead the same.

I found that it got better around episode 3-4 (most TV shows hit their stride around then), but it got lame again after 9-10. Apparently they were planning on ending with 10 episodes, then it got extended and it’s pretty obvious that was a bad move.

Continuity with the original seasons was pretty good, and for a show that’s been on hiatus for almost a decade it’s definitely passable.

Yeah, definitely not as good - but the bar was unfathomably high after all this time.

I still enjoyed it thoroughly. Starts off slow, and picks up nicely. The Lindsay episodes were specifically flat. Overall they missed a lot of chemistry because they couldn’t get the entire cast together at once for very long.

Generally stellar writing; a lot that I probably didn’t pick up on the first watch through.

Even if the entire rest of the season did turn out to be awful (it didn’t!) — it’d still have been worth it for the GOB episodes.

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Is it just me, or does Lindsey look nothing like she used to?

Definitely not just you.

I still can’t put my finger on it. I am pretty bad at recognizing people though… maybe it’s just too much makeup combined with the eyebrows? Honestly I’d believe her if she said she hasn’t had work done… though I’m no expert.

Personally I think it’s just botox messing with her ability to make facial expressions, combined with an odd hairstyle choice and different eyebrows.

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Hmm I wonder how much Lindsey’s boyfriends inability to recognize faces is an inside joke.


There were also a lot of plastic surgery digs peppered throughout, but there were some in the original series too. Maybe this is all just one big meta thing.

I liked it, but it doesn’t stick in the mind as much as the original seasons - probably because they went relatively light on the repeated catch phrases and so on.

Considering their options, I think this was a good way to go. That everybody is going to marathon it all at once was built-in as a joke with the “next time” segments, and the intertwining story was quite well done. As has been noted, it doesn’t really pick up until the fourth episode or so because it’s only then that you realize what they’re doing with the intertwining stories (and many of the jokes only start working at that point, obviously intentionally).

Anyway - I’m glad they went this route (whether it was out of necessity or otherwise) rather than try to just keep going doing the exact same thing as before. Because all of the original people are involved it’s possible that may have worked, but still unlikely. It would have seemed cheap. They tried something new, and even a little risky.

It’s certainly set up for another season at least, and if they do it, it’ll be interesting to see if they keep this style of storytelling. I’d guess no because they used it as such an elaborate gag that they really played it out, so reusing it would be like The Hangover 2. Whatever they do next might be more audience-pleasing, but I’m glad they went this way for this season - it worked perfectly to cover every character’s story since the original ending.

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