Trailer for the third season of award-winning sci-fi anthology series Love Death + Robots

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I am here for it, 100%!

Looks like they have a sequel to one of the better stories with robots living in a post apocalypse world!


LDR is hands down the best thing on TV since the first few seasons of GOT. It takes me back to the old days reading Heavy Metal Magazine in a books store floor.


Anthologies can really take full advantage of the streaming format and be as long or as short as the story dictates, which is nice. Plus you can skip the episodes that just aren’t enjoyable for you without fear of missing crucial plot elements. I enjoyed most LD+R episodes but there were a couple that just seemed to be gross or scary for the sake of shock value. (I could have done without the predictable “Helping Hand” episode.)

So I wonder if and when there will be another season of Dark Mirror? The last one only had 3 episodes. Maybe they blew the whole season’s budget casting Miley Cyrus.

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Very happy to see this coming back. The episodes range from above average to brilliant and amazing.

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The first season was entirely directed by dudes and had an unsettling habit of violently killing off sexualized female characters. It felt brain-dead, adolescent, and very disappointing for this fan of independent and experimental animation.

The second season did slightly better, mostly just being boring, and having a slightly less homogeneous roster of directors.

Maybe this time it will actually be good? And reflect the actual diversity of amazing artists working in animation today? Fingers crossed.

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Specially the yogurt episode.

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