Love & Rockets announce US tour dates

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Dresden Dolls also just announced a tour, but it’s only a mini-tour with four dates, none of which are ATL…

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Not really familiar with this band, but their one radio hit was FANTASTIC, IMO.


Awesome! I’ve been a Love & Rockets fan since high school. I’ve liked Daniel Ashe’s solo work and side projects as well.

I live in the NW but not on the coast. Might have to take a road trip to Seattle if they don’t venture to Idaho.

If you aren’t familiar with them, give the album Express a listen. I love every track on it.


Maybe the Bubblemen will open for them.


man i love me some L&R. Earth, Sun, Moon is one of my favorite albums.


Hello from Australia. We see you, off-the-beaten-path folks. Solidarity!


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This is one of those tunes I’ll stop and listen to anywhere, any time! They have many other great ones too, tho.


“Ball of Confusion”, “No New Tale to Tell” and “All in My Mind” are equally great, depending on what mood I’m in I find them superior… Check 'em out!


You mean that band that stole their name from one of the greatest comics of all time, which is still ongoing? And which theft the creators of are still angry about?
Yeah, guess I heard of them

I love the Love and Rockets version, and it was years before I found out it was a cover. I don’t think they tried to hide the fact; facts were harder to bump into back then, and I didn’t have the album.

Love the original too.

In 1997 or so my girlfeiend worked at the Tower Records on Bay and Columbus in San Francisco. She met Daniel Ash and he kindly invited us to come hang out at his studio along with several friends. Daniel was working on his new album at the time. As someone who gre up listening to Bauhais and Love and Rockets this was a big deal for me. I can say with 100% certainty that along with being an excellent musician he was a very kind and gracious human being as well.

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