Lovely whimsical Halloween display at British supermarket


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Can’t be British.
The teeth are too perfect!



Bündnerfleisch … hmmm


Talk about head cheese!


They’re coming to brisket you, Barbara!


That, now that, that’s appetizing!


Perhaps the first sign of new owner AMAZON.COM’s ‘tasteful, magical touch’.


Thursday Chef John at the Food Wishes blog posted a recipe for Zombie Meatloaf.



Which Hellraiser was that? III or IV?


My mom makes something really similar. The outside muscle is a nice prosciutto and the inside is a cream cheese and Havarti dip.


I was walking by there just the other day (on a forlorn quest to find some dry transfer lettering, thank you for asking). Maybe I’ll pop in to… calibrate reality, or something.

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