Loving German Shepherd eyes. Wait 'til the end


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I’m anthropomorphizing to the hilt here, but to me this looks like “I’m in constant agony, please drug me or kill me, just make it stop somehow!”


Human: Animals luuuuv us for the great things we do for them.

Dog: I’m in hell.


My first thought as well.


There’s a dog round our way in that condition. His name is Billy (“Wheelie Billy”). He was struck by a car - a hit-and-run driver. His owner was still trying to find out who the driver was, last time I spoke to her. The accident was two or three years ago now. Billy seems happy enough. Our dog used to play with him, but neither dog is in a condition to frolic these days (ours had a leg operation). I don’t think Billy is in hell. The driver might be…


“So dark , you sure you’re not from the DC universe?”. :wink:


We could see the whites of the dog’s eyes. That’s a big tell. That dog was not happy, but rather, scared.


You should see me at parties.


Christ! Anyone else find imgur painful?


I’ve seen dogs in “wheelchairs” in my local dog park happily chasing after balls, so unless the dog is in actual pain, it’s most likely just fine.


The constant racist, misogynistic, MAGA, ammosexual posts or the layout?


Not spent enough time with it to encounter those aspects. It was more the embed on the page and the app on iOS (why can’t you save as GIF like Giphy?). After messing around for 5 minutes i still didn’t see the gif in full.



(Not his name-o, but would be equally as stupid/uncreative as dogbert.)

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